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Black cats having eye colour can exist, although they are scarce, namely Ojos Azules. Age-related eye colour changes in solid-black cats typically involve shades of green, etc. Even as adults, some black cat with blue eyes can retain their blue eyes.

Cats rarely have blue eyes, which get produced by a melanin deficiency resulting in a black cat with blue eyes. Also, When light reflects from a cat’s clear eyes, it gives the impression that they are blue. As a result, even though kittens have black fur, they will have blue eyes.

Traits Of The Black Cat With Blue Eyes (Ojos Azules):


When Cornflower, a female tortoiseshell cat from a wild colony in New Mexico, gave birth to kittens in 1984, the Ojos Azules cat breed first appeared. Also, It got demonstrated that it was a dominant characteristic that got reproduced by the fact that those kittens shared her bright blue eyes.

The Ojos Azules cat must get crossed among kitties without blue eyes to prevent harmful genetic abnormalities. Also, No specific coat pattern or colour gets linked to the gene that generates the bright blue eyes; instead, it is a particular type of gene involved.

Ojos Azules cats got found in Australia and the United States. Breeders speculate that domestic cats may also have spontaneously developed the mutation. This breed got initially recognized by the Worldwide Cat Association in 1991, but it is currently a rare breed.


Despite being a desirable trait, breeding blue-eyed cats together can result in deadly mutations. According to International Cat Care, a breed must get founded on good health, and it shouldn’t also cross two cats with blue eyes to prevent serious issues.


When you bring these cats home, they are eager to play with their human partners. Because of their social nature, they also get along well with human family members and other household pets. 

They even adore dogs and would show you what it’s like to live with one. They get reputed to stay quite amiable, affectionate, and energetic. Also, The cat will take some time getting to know fresh individuals, but eventually, they will love the companionship of any visitors they come across.


It will help if you stay aware that a breeder may not get breeding Ojos Azules purebred kittens. Also, many ranchers have stopped producing black cats with blue eyes due to birth abnormalities and genetic mutations. 

Due to their scarcity and increased demand, this can also increase the cost of blue-eyed kittens. Also, it usually costs around $1400 to buy this breed. 


These cats are not only extraordinarily gorgeous, but they are also sociable, devoted, and lively. Additionally, they enjoy cuddling and flourish in settings where they get lavished with love.

Azules cats appreciate social interaction and taking part in household activities. Also, as long as they get treated gently, it stays favourable for kids. Also known as lap cats, they will seek out human contact constantly.


Regular brushing and showering can assist in removing loose hair, decreasing shedding, and also helping in the reduction of hairballs. Ojos Azules cats’ coats can get long or short. Therefore their households will need to provide grooming as necessary individually. According to the Cat Care Foundation website, these exercises must get carefully taught to young cats.

Dynamic Nature:

Ojos Azules cats are lively and playful creatures who, if their activity levels fall, will rapidly grow bored. Also, They don’t care what kind of toy it is or what size or form it is as long as a selection is available for them to engage with.

Try providing them with interactive or catnip-scented toys. Also, An Ojos Azules cat might enjoy a cat tree because it allows them to jump and climb.

About Black Cat With Blue Eyes:

The magnificent sapphire blue eyes of Ojos Azules cats are a particularly distinctive and eye-catching characteristic. They also have lovely, big eyes that stay elegantly nested within their triangular-shaped heads.

The exception being plain white, their short coat comes throughout all hues and has a delicate but robust construction. They are also energetic cats who like interacting with people and playing games. These affectionate cats would gladly curl up on your couch and cuddle with you if you let them. These are also reasonably simple breeds to care for because of their short coat.

Life spanAround 14 years

Interesting Facts:

  • A contemporary cat breed with New Mexican roots is the Ojus Azules.
  • The distinguishing feature of this breed, which gets thought to have originated from a female wandering tortoiseshell cat, is striking blue eyes.
  • Little is known and recorded about the Ojos Azules’ disposition and intelligence.
  • Also, younger kids must get closely watched around the cats to prevent harm or injury.
  • In 1991, TICA approved the breed for registration in both short and long-haired varieties.
  • Any other registry’s standards do not cover this cat mix of Azul.
  • Ojos is the name of the exclusive breed with all-black fur and blue eyes.
  • As a result of a lack of pigment melanin in the eye, these cats’ eyes remain blue. 
  • Also, their melanocyte counts rise as cats age, and their eyes regain their former colour.
  • Since the fur gene is so prevalent, a black cat with blue eyes obscures the effects of all other colour-determining genes, along with eye colour.


How does a kitten’s fur come out black?

A kitten’s fur will get black if it carries just one copy of the dominant black gene. Other genes, such as tortoiseshells and tuxedo markings, can also affect the black patterns on your cat’s fur. Cats with high eumelanin production will get completely black.


Lastly, Finding a trustworthy breeder of the Ojos Azules cat breed will probably take a long time because they are incredibly uncommon. Almost any family scenario can get accommodated by these black cat with blue eyes

For people or families that spend a lot of time at home, they make the perfect pet. Since this breed is so new to the public, the Global Cat Association is constantly learning about it. This breed demands a great deal of patience, but their joy and pleasure make it worthwhile.


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