Clevo NH70 Gaming Laptop Features And Specifications




The Clevo gaming laptops are well-known, and the Clevo NH70 17-inch pc features an excellent IPS display with slight pixelation and flickering when gaming or other demanding computing tasks.

The Clevo’s pixel density is perfect, which is  127.3 pixels per inch. Also, The battery life is underwhelming for everyday use at 3.5 hours. For installing many contemporary games, 256 MB of storage is insufficient. High-demanding games are also not ideal for gaming efficiency, with an average frame rate of 39.9 per second.

Features of Clevo NH70:

  • Graphics card:

The GTX 1070 graphics card, 8 GB of RAM, and 1 TB internal default hard drive storage get included with this gaming laptop. This gaming beast has a 17.3-inch display, which could seem slightly modest in this price bracket. 3840 x 2160 is the maximum resolution achieved on the laptop.

  • Battery:

The laptop has a 14.4V 3275mAh battery, which is sufficient but not ideal for this budget device. Also, The battery backup typically lasts approximately 4 hours, unlike other gaming gadgets of today. However, this is a no-go if the consumer desires a notebook with an 8 to 9-hour battery life.

  • Processor:

The 9th version Intel processor ensures the player’s gaming environment stays seamless and uninterrupted. Also, a suitable environment for gaming will undoubtedly get created by the elevated videos and audio. When pressing the keys while playing a game, the keyboard’s design makes it feel different to the user’s fingertips.

  • Display:

The 17.3-inch, full HD, anti-glare display on the NH70 laptop boasts an anti-reflective coating. Also, it features a cutting-edge Intel i7 CPU and a top-tier GTX 1070 graphics card. Also, the battery capacity is superb, which is around 4 hours.

  • Touchpad:

The touchpad’s excellent responsiveness and fluidity piqued the user’s curiosity about the Clevo NH7. Also, If you were streaming, a backlit keyboard with changeable colours would alter to match your mood. Playing gg Roblox is presently the most acceptable option for playing well-known games like Minecraft.

Some specifications of Clevo NH70:

A 17.3-inch screen and the latest Intel i7 processor are features of this Clevo gaming laptop. Also, the hefty laptop weighs roughly three pounds more than most comparable laptops. It can execute memory-intensive apps because of the 16GB DDR4 RAM. The battery performance is excellent, but also it doesn’t last too long.

The Clevo NH70 has an i7 9750H processor and a top-tier GPU. Also, The brand-new NH70 can swiftly cool due to its motor and ventilation. It has Bluetooth and a display with a matte finish. Also, Only a total of three and half hours are available from the battery.

This excellent gaming laptop from Clevo is one of the many gamers adore. Also, Gaming enthusiasts are the primary market segment for this NH70 producers. Instead of being a gaming machine that might get sold at many online retailers, this is a sturdy gaming device made primarily for serious gaming.

Other aspects of Clevo NH70:

Some other aspects of Clevo get mentioned below;

  • NH70 offers everything a gamer might need for their favourite game. Also, The NH70 is an all-around entertainer, offering sensational display, audio, multimedia features and top-tier elite gaming. At this point, there aren’t many laptops that can match this beast in gaming and multimedia.
  • For the best gaming experience, high-quality audio and graphics create an engaging environment. Also, Objects may occasionally block the speakers on the machine’s bottom left side because of their location. The Clevo NH70 heat is a wise choice if you want to purchase a desktop pc with strong speakers.
  • A Clevo NH is your best option for an intense gaming computer. Also, most mid-range laptops are cheaper and provide all the required functionality. You can get laptops with higher performance and features if you’re ready to spend a little extra.
  • A 512GB SSD, 16 gigabytes of RAM, and an Intel Core CPU get included with the laptop nh70. Also, you may run numerous programmes at once without any issues thanks to this setup. Because of the GTX 1070 and 8 Gigabyte graphics card, the laptop’s display is quite outstanding.
  • A 15-inch anti-glare display and an NVIDIA GeForce graphics card are features of the Clevo NH15 laptop. You can choose a one or two TB hard disc, giving you plenty of space to save your games and pictures. Also, a built-in webcam on the laptop makes it simple to make trouble-free video calls to your buddies.
  • The laptop includes two speakers that produce clear, deep sound, one on each side of the keyboard. Thanks to the Clevo’s excellent subwoofer, you can hear every one of the bottom levels in your favourite movies and games.
  • Also, a Schematics Map service integrated into the NH70 CPU enables editing of symbol and feature layers. Also, you can view the CPU’s schematic diagram in this service to learn more about how it functions. Frame Buffers A and B make up the processor’s two primary components in this gaming laptop Macbook 12in M7.


  1. Why is this nh70 a great gaming gadget?

The new nh70 laptop is a great gaming laptop because it has a Geforce 980M graphics card and a top-tier AMD processor. The 17-inch GSYNC screen on the laptop is lauded for being fast and stable and has a reasonable price to match. Gaming performance is average, and the battery life is only three and a half hours.

  1. Who created this gaming gadget?

This gaming beast got created by a Taiwanese business. Also, this gaming laptop’s 17.3-inch display measures in size and 3840 x 2160 is the maximum resolution achieved on the laptop.


This gadget Clevo NH70 will excite every modern game enthusiast because of its high-quality audio and visual capabilities and cutting-edge graphics card. However, this laptop is not very convenient for anyone to carry around. 

At such a high cost, it cannot also meet fundamental requirements like lengthy battery life and ease of use, whether carrying or working in an office. Hence, this laptop gets considered one of the best gaming laptops.


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