Who is Seven Sirius Benjamin? And About Andre 3000




The Seven Sirius Benjamin is a star kid and son of Erykah Badu and the well-known Andre 3000. Also, That’s just Andre’s stage name; his real name at birth was Andre Benjamin, from where Seven Benjamin derives his name.

It can get challenging to stay a celebrity child or the offspring of legends, and Benjamin is one such famous youngster whose private life gets frequently scrutinized by the media. Also, The famed songwriter and hip-hop icon Andre 3000 gets constantly pursued by the media, and the media tries to interfere in Seven’s life.

Facts about Seven Sirius Benjamin:

Seven Sirius got Born on November 18, 1997, in Texas to Andree, a well-known composer, hip-hop artist, etc., and Badu, a well-known singer and actress. Other facts about his life get mentioned below;

  • Also, Both of his parents are musicians and got released numerous CDs.
  • Also, Sharon was a single parent who worked in real estate and was the grandmother of Seven Sirius.
  • The legendary parents gave birth to Seven Benjamin. Also, he has two step-siblings despite being his parents’ sole child.
  • On November 18, 1997, he got conceived. It was difficult for Erykah to decide to have the kid because she became pregnant during the height of both her and Andre’s careers.
  • Andre spoke about it in a conversation with The News Reporter that both parents have to sit down to decide if they would keep this child or not.

About Erykah Badu (One of Seven’s Parents):

Erica Abi Wright is the birth name of Erykah Badu. Also, she is the mother of Seven Sirius Benjamin, and is a 51-year-old star. She is a producer, actress, singer, and composer. Erykah Badu has got dubbed as the Queen of Neo Soul. Seven got born in 1997, and the couple divorced in 1999.

Also, They still get along well with each other, though. Erykah named Andre as among her closest pals in an interview. In 2014 saw the ancestry research of Erykah Badu in which She learned that her mother’s side of the family is a combination of West Africa. She also has two other kids besides Seven Benjamin.

About Andre 3000 (Parent of Seven Sirius):

On May 27, 1975, Andre got born. He got grown and reared in Atlanta, Georgia. Also, His mom was a property manager, while his father worked in collections. Also, Seven Sirius Benjamin’s father is the well-known rapper Andre Lauren Benjamin, also known as Andre 3000. The son of Andre 3000, whom many people have referred to as his carbon duplicate, appears to be close to him.

Andre 3000 is a singer, writer, musician, actor, and rapper in addition to being rapper. Also, both he and Erykah Badu have similar professional aspirations. Their shared veganism is another similarity between them. Also, it is unsurprising that they stayed in a relationship for five years.

Education and Profession:

Seven Sirius’s mother said he got accepted to four colleges at 19. Also, Nobody knows the names of the young man’s colleges of acceptance. However, his mother disclosed that he attended an undisclosed American institution and majored in botany. We also only know a small amount about his academic history.

The same is true of his professional life, as it is of his early and private life. Also, concerning his work life, no detailed information gets known. He has not provided any information regarding his occupation or the career path he intends to take Albert Olmstead Cobra Kai.

Aspects of Sevens life:

Some pf the many aspects of seven’s life get mentioned below:

  • Andre 3000 is the sole parent of Seven Sirius. Also, his mother’s second child is Puma Curry. She arrived on the scene over six years following Seven Sirius Benjamin. Erykah also posted a brief clip of Puma singing during a school talent event in 2019. 
  • Mars is the second stepbrother of Seven Benjamin. In 2009 people saw Mars’ birth. On her mother’s Instagram, though, Mars has been included in a few images.
  • Also, a member of the Andre family, Seven Benjamin, is unknown in terms of height and weight. Social media images make him appear to stay at a healthy weight and height. He does, however, lead a lavish lifestyle thanks to his parents’ substantial wealth.
  • The fact that Andre 3000 has got successful in the music industry for more than 20 years has allowed him to raise his son Seven Benjamin as a good parent. 
  • Also, Even though Seven Sirius is the offspring of two musical legends and her mother gets still actively involved in the business, she has no desire to enter the field. Hence, Both of his parents are musicians and got released various albums.
  • Also, he’s one of the fortunate individuals born between two stars and has got allowed to lead a typical life free from a barrage of media attention. He occasionally appears with his parents in public spaces. 
  • Seven is the offspring of two well-known entertainers, so people get left to question how rich Seven Sirius is. In any case, also not much is known about Seven’s wealth. Also, His parent’s wealth is something, and it can get assured that Seven is a wealthy person.


Does the public know about Seven’s education?

His mother said he got accepted to four colleges when he was 19. Also, Nobody is aware of the names of the young man’s colleges of acceptance, but this is known that he majored in botany. Also, people only know a small amount about his academic history.

Does his mother posts about him?

One of the occasions than when Seven Sirius Benjamin mother posted a video of them listening to a Lil Yatchy track while he was driving next to her. Another occasion was when his mother posted a photo of herself, Andre 3000, and Seven in honor of Father’s Day.


In conclusion, even though Seven got raised by two musical legends and his mother gets still involved in the business, Seven Sirius Benjamin has no desire to enter the field at this moment. Also, he sometimes makes appearances with his parents, and Andre is the sole parent of Seven.


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