Sherry Dyson Biography



A woman named Sherry Dyson was born on January 5, 1949. Also, she went through a horrific tragedy as a young child. In a horrible accident that was caused by error, she tragically lost her parents.

Chris Gardner and Sherry were married. Due to behavioral differences and Sherry’s desire to concentrate on her job, Sherry and Chris Gardner could not have a child.

Also, Chris Gardner’s son was born to Jackie Medina on January 28, 1981. When his son got born, Gardner lived with Jackie while still married to Sherry. Chris and Sherry ultimately divorced in 1986.

Sherry Dyson Biography

Real NameSherry Dyson
Hair ColourBlack
Marriage DateJune 18, 1977
Date of Birth1/5/1949
Birth PlaceVirginia, a Southeastern U.S. State
Marital StatusDivorced
SonChristopher Jarrett medina Gardner
DaughterJacintha Darlene

Facts about Sherry Dyson’s life:

Some of the many facts about Sherry’s life get mentioned below:

  • In Virginia, in the United States, Ms. Dyson was born.
  • Additionally, this woman’s ex-husband was Chris Gardner, a successful businessman, and motivational speaker.
  • Sherry started her career as a mathematician in America before relocating to England and marrying Chris Gardner.
  • Sherry also lost both of her parents at barely six years old. Following the passing of her parents, her family assumes custody of her and the location of her first school.
  • She married Chris Gardner in 1977, but after their divorce, she could not reconnect with him.
  • Sherry Dyson faced several difficulties from her early years until her elderly age.
  • Also, She was so deeply damaged by the divorce that she found the process exceedingly tricky.
  • She grew tremendously strong as a result and dared to face complex challenges in her everyday life.
  • She turned her job into the motivation for her existence.
  • Unfortunately found out she had cancer.

Sherry Dyson’s death:

She was content throughout every stage of her life, but it was not unrestricted. After working hard all day and night, she also became very ill. She became physically quite depressed with every setback in her life.

Sherry got emotionally broken even though she tried to stay joyous. Sadly, in her final years, she struggled with a debilitating illness. At the age of 51, she died on April 7, 2000. One narrative says that she was passing through woodland on her way to Germany when she suddenly suffered a heart attack. Her death’s cause is still unknown.

About her husband (Chris Gardner):

Some information about Chris Gardner gets mentioned below;

  • On February 9, Chris Gardner got born at 63 years old. Due to his mother’s two prior marriages and his stepfather’s history of physical abuse towards his mother and his sisters, his formative days got exceptionally not comfortable.
  • In his formative years, he also faced a lot of additional difficulties. Among all rags-to-riches tales, Chris Gardner is one of the most well-known. Because of a violent and aggressive stepfather, he got raised in several foster homes and was eventually removed from his mother.
  • Also, He decided to join the Navy soon after and spent four years in the US Corps. The former soldier started working as a research assistant in a lab after retiring. He had an affair while still married Sherry with a teenage girl named Jackie, and she became pregnant shortly after.
  • Also, He quickly moved in along with Jackie after divorcing Sherry Dyson, and Jackie was kind enough to give birth to a baby boy for him in 1981. Jacintha, his daughter, was born about four years later. 
  • Since 2002, he has received numerous honors, including the Friends of Africa and Father of the Year, and Humanitarian awards. The former soldier started working as a research assistant in a lab after retiring.

How she became famous:

Mr. Gardner and Ms. Dyson got wed for a short while before divorced. Sherry gained fame as the lead actress in the film The Pursuit of Happiness, in which she co-starred in with her former spouse Chris Gardner. Also, The couple’s origins are unknown, but their bond probably got more nuanced than they initially realized.

The separation of Sherry from Chris Gardner made Sherry’s future book possible. She rose to recognition as a math education specialist due to her wedding to Chris Gardner. Also, Her biography describes her life, including her husband’s prosperous stockbroker career.

Aspects of her life:

Sherry was a citizen of the United States and a person of black ethnicity, and the pair has kept her size and other physical measurements a secret. Also, despite this, she got characterized as having black eyes, hair, and a typical body type. 

Chris Gardner and Sherry Dyson wed, but their marriage got into trouble. They also never had kids, and Jackie Medina became expecting with her partner’s child a few months into their marriage. The relationship lasted nine years, but the pair is no longer together. 

Because of their behavioral differences and Gardner decision to give up his medical career, Dyson and Gardner had a distant relationship. Also, Gardner started dating Jackie Medina even while living with Sherry, and after just a few months of dating, she fell pregnant with his child.

A professor at the University’s School of Nursing, Sherry was a pioneer in the field of nutrition research. Also, Sherry’s job altered her career trajectory, and she rose to prominence as the most well-known female nutritionist.


What is Sherry Dyson best known for?

Sherry Dyson is most well-known for being the ex-wife of businessman Chris Gardner. Also, Her ex-husband is a renowned motivational speaker and stockbroker. After penning a book he named for his wife, he rose to fame as a writer. Also, they have no children, and the couple divorced sometime after marriage.


In conclusion, the Sherry Dyson married affluent stockbroker Chris Gardner in 1977, but the couple soon divorced. They ended up getting divorced since their marriage was a disaster. Also, Sherry’s husband had a relationship with Jackie Medina, who was a year younger.

Dyson and her husband had an estranged connection due to their divergent behavioral styles and Gardner’s decision to discontinue his medical training. Sherry Dyson also became well-known because of her husband. Still, many narratives exist about this woman, and her death reason is unknown.


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