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Breckynn Willis is an Alaska State Champion swimmer. She was disqualified from an event because of the size of her swimming suit. It was her High School bathing suit. The victory she had won in swimming was ended up being canceled because she exposed excessive buttocks’ in a the decision that was branded racist and sexist’. Breckynn claims she was removed from the event at Anchorage, Alaska, after winning the 100m freestyle race on Friday.(breckyn willis instagram)

Black Swimmer Disqualified For Her Body

A black athlete of elite status Beckynn Willis was disqualified from the competition due to her body. The young athlete was disqualified following an event because of the way her swimsuit fit her body.

Breckynn Willis, who is a part of the swimming squad at Dimond High School, in Anchorage, Alaska, had participated in four events during an event in the pool on Friday.

She participated in and took home an event heat. She emerged from the pool to announce her win in the 100-yard freestyle. However, to her surprise she was told by the race official that she was exempted.

Willis was reported to have been “shocked” when not allowed to swim when she got out of the pool.

Media reports from Anchorage, Alaska, US claims that the judge said that the swimsuit of the woman “was so high that I could see the butt cheeks touching butt cheeks.”

Others coaches have said the teen purposely pushed up her swimsuit in order to reveal more of her body.

However, swimmer coach Lauren Langford said “We have the term ‘wedgie’It’s known as a suit wedgie. And wedgies can happen.

“It’s uncomfortable. Nobody is going to be walking around this way in a deliberate manner.”

Officials are now accused of sexism and racism. because Willis is the sole mixed-race athlete she was also the one swimmer who was exiled.

Alaska State Champion swimmer


While her decision was later reaffirmed however, the case gained national attention due to the discrimination that the girl received due to her body shape. The dress was exactly identical to the suits that her fellow swimmers were wearing. But the suit of Ms. Willis was singled out due to the way it fitted the shape of her body in particular. Being a young woman adorned with curves, her suit just hung differently on her body. Instead of being praised and applauded for her athletic prowess following the victory her body was assessed as having transformed an ordinary swimsuit into something sinister.

Although this tale sparked justifiable anger. a lot of us who are more curvier viewed it with understanding and no surprise.

If you’re of the body shape of a curvier woman and you are quickly accustomed to being scrutinized and oversexualized based on your appearance and how you fit.

 It doesn’t matter whether you are just 10 years old and bursting at the seams or 40 years old and sporting clothing that’s “inappropriate for your age,” .

you’re 17 and wearing a swimming suit in a way that is perceived as an attack on modestyyou’ll have tocarry an enormous burden of worry regarding your body and how it’s perceived by other people. The added burden of trying to control these perceptions is a burden to carry.

My puberty began at an early age, bringing the numbing realization of how these slender curves affected the way I was considered. While our society has an ideal that glorifies the hourglass silhouette but the reality is much more sexy than dangerous. It’s easy to see that you’ll be the subject of attention you don’t need or haven’t been invited to and aren’t equipped to deal with emotional. The assumption will be drawn about your characterespecially when you’re young there is low credibility regarding s

chool gossip. The most troubling part is that children aren’t the only ones to make these judgements. Adults can also smother you with their eyes and the judgements they do not speak about. I started to be apathetic about my body from the beginning of my life and I would fervently wish away the pieces in me I considered “too much.”#breckyn willis instagram

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