Five Smart Ways to Save Money on Your First Trip to Hawaii



Is Hawaii on your bucket list? It’s a top choice for so many, and when vacation days are few and precious, you want your trip to blow you away with how incredible it is. The issue, of course, is that “incredible holidays” tend to come with a rather high price tag. While Hawaii can be expensive, there are so many simple ways to save money when you go, and still massively enjoy your experience. Whether you go by yourself, with a partner, or with a group, these tips will help you save money, without sacrificing the quality of your trip:

1.     Find Accommodation with a Kitchen

Food is a huge part of any great trip, but you don’t actually need to eat out every meal of the day in order to enjoy delicious food. By booking a place with a kitchen, getting yourself a Hawaiian cookbook, and shopping at the local food markets for fresh ingredients, you can eat incredible meals for far less. Eating breakfast in, prepping a lunch to go, and having a few dinners in, can help you save without sacrificing on taste.

2.     Group Up

Maui vacation rentals are even better in groups. While you can immediately make your money go further in a stunning condo for two, the savings go so much further when you’re spreading the cost between a small group. This way you can get all those luxury amenities, the ability to dine in with close friends or family, and enjoy your experience together.

You may also be able to get a discount on group bookings, depending on how large your group is, so check in advance to see if you can save this way, too!

3.     Get Early Bird Discounts


So many places offer discounts (from hotels to experiences) if you book and pay in full in advance. If you do this, however, always get travel insurance. You never know when something can happen that will derail your plans, and having a backup is essential for your peace of mind.

4.     Plan Your Own Itinerary

When you see big, all-day tours or even fully planned vacations, know that a significant part of the cost will be for the convenience of not having to plan your trip out. Not only can you have a more personal holiday by planning it out yourself, but you can also save big since you can shop around for options.

5.     Take Advantage of the Free

There are so many free or low-cost activities you can enjoy during your stay, and sometimes, these will be your best bet. Try to keep to one big budget “paid” activity per day, and then work in downtime with free or low-cost things to do. This could be wandering the beaches, going for a hike, having a picnic, and so on. By planning for these low-cost activities, you also plan in time to relax and soak in the atmosphere since you aren’t worrying about getting your money’s worth every second.    

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