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We all use the Smartphone and also use the social media account to interact with people. WhatsApp is one of the famous and best social media platforms where we can talk, share docs, images, audio, video and much more things. So, today we are going to discuss the process to FMWhatsApp Latest Apk Download for Android.

In today’s era wherein technology advancement is playing a massive role, the internet is becoming more and more viral as well as vital. The scenario including the standard of living has been changed drastically. People are becoming more of techno-savvy rather than holding on the old methods of getting the things done. There are a lot of things that can be held responsible for changing even the basic needs of lifestyle, and one of them can be Smartphones. The time has gone, when mobile phones were being used for just calling purpose, it has now become more featured and has been accompanied as well as required for many other purposes.

Now let us talk about the utility of smartphones in anybody’s lifestyle. All the smartphones are capable of accessing the internet, doesn’t matter if it is an entry-level cell phone or a high-end one. What can be the first thing that you can think about after getting your desired smartphone? There is nothing to get amazed about, in case you will think about getting the WhatsApp installed, as many of the people think like that only. WhatsApp has become one of the most demanded and famous applications that has become a must-have application for every person who is having a smartphone. As per the statistics, it has been found that 99.9% of the population that is having a smartphone will have WhatsApp installed on their phones. After all, it has successfully captured more than 100 million users in such a short span of time. This is really outstanding and hence worth appreciating. Today’s generation gives the maximum of their leisure time to their friends and relatives though WhatsApp only via calling and chatting. Apart from being a luxury, it has become a necessity to be in regular touch with the loved ones.

In 2009 WhatsApp was launched and you get the free service and for this, you just need the internet connection. At every day, you guys can make more than 100 million calls on WhatsApp. And you people are using WhatsApp free for lifetime and this is one of the amazing things about Whatsapp Apk. We have provided direct download link for the fmwhatsapp (download fmwhatsapp 10.35 latest version apk) below.

About FMWhatsApp Apk

FMWhatsApp is the latest version of the WhatsApp that allows you to run two WhatsApp on your smartphone at the same time. FMWhatsApp comes with the inbuilt lock feature that helps you to lock your WhatsApp application when you do some other settings or use another applications. And this is the reason you don’t need an external application lock for your Whatsapp and it also contains many features.

Table of Contents

FMWhatsApp apk: the latest version of WhatsApp

Though WhatsApp has been able to grasp a significant portion of the entire market, it is also been accompanied with some of the major restrictions in its features, that might restrict the level of convenience to the users. So, in order to overcome all those restrictions and provide many other unique features to the user, an updated version of WhatsApp has been launched with the name “fmwhatsapp apk”.
This updated version helps you to get a complete control and a nice hold on your application and you can synchronic and manage all your contacts in a much efficient manner. In this article, we will be discussing all the major changes have been brought through fmwhatsapp along with a complete guide to facilitate you in downloading as well as installation. Here is the fastest and the direct link from where you can download the fmwhatsapp 10.35 latest version apk 2020 on your Android phone.

FMWhatsApp Latest Version Apk Info

RequiredAndroid 2.2 +
App Size33.33 MB
DeveloperFouad Mokdad
Last UpdatedJun 2020


How “fmwhatsApp apk” is different than the previous version?

Once the user starts using the fmwhatsapp, they will realize that are a lot many updated features that have been embedded in this latest version. Some of the unique features include hiding last seen, blue tick, online status, themes, etc. You will surely be going to experience an advanced level of WhatsApp usage with this updated mod version. This is very much supportive and completely compatible with all the rooted as well as non-rooted devices. Fmwhatsapp is considered to be one of the best and reliable among all the WhatsApp Mods like YOWhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus that are available in the market.
One of the greatest advantages of this updated version of WhatsApp is that it can be used along with official WhatsApp application and hence can use the same as dual WhatsApp in a single device. Like any other application, one can download the same from the play store of any Android based cell phone at free of cost.
FMWhatsApp Apk Download (Permissions)

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Below is the list of permissions that are required to have access to the fmWhatsApp download:

1. Vibrate
2. Contacts
3. Send SMS
4. Internet Access
5. Record Audio
6. Location Access
7. Access Storage
8. Access Wifi
9. Access Bluetooth
10. Access Camera
11. Access Mic
12. Access Background Tasks
Information regarding FMWhatsApp Apk Download Latest Version

Since it is an updated version of our official WhatsApp application, it is quite obvious that it has been accompanied with all the features that official WhatsApp use to have. However, this update is even better than that along with an enhanced unique looks and will have an amazing experience. And once you are through with this updated version, it can also be set as your first preferred WhatsApp mod. It also provides the top customization tweaks, with the help of that one can completely customize their entire WhatsApp application as per their wishes and requirements along with an amazingly unique user interfaces. Though this is a new updated version and has not been very much popular among people as of now, still all those who have used it so far seem to be very much happy and satisfied and consider this one much better than the previous one. Don’t wait and keep using the older version of WhatsApp that you have been using from years, get up and install fmwhatsApp on your Android phone and we assure you to have a lovely and amazing experience with all its completely unique features.
Now, if you are willing to give a try to this FMWhatsApp on your Android based phone, let me give you a complete guidance on downloading as well as installing this updated version of WhatsApp. The fasted and most reliable link to download the complete set up for this WhatsApp mod has already been provided above in this post. You can download the.exe file for the setup from that link, however, please ensure that the smartphone that you are using is based on any of the Android version above 4.0. This Mod of WhatsApp does not support the further outdated Android versions.

Installation of FMWhatsApp Apk Latest Version for Android

In order to provide a complete ease to the users; the installation process of FMWhatsApp has been made very much user-friendly. There is no root access being required to install this Mod. You just need to follow the instructions that will be laid to you with the few clicks. However, still, we will be discussing the complete installation process of FMWhatsApp in this section so that none of the users should come across any of the error while proceeding.

First of all, a complete set up of latest FMWhatsApp needs to be downloaded from the above-provided link. Please note that the download process will not take much of your time as the file size is not very much huge as such, it’s just 37MB. And once the download has been completed successfully, the unknown sources from the security settings of your Android phone needs to be enabled, so that your phone will no more be restricted to download the applications from unknown sources. However, you will need to figure out the location of these unknown sources settings in your smartphone as this varies per the models. Now that you have enabled the unknown sources on your device, you will have a complete access to the FMWhatsApp apk file.

Once you click on the downloaded FMWhatsApp apk file, it will automatically start the installation process. Have a bit of patience and wait until the installation process has been completed successfully.
After the installation has been completed successfully, you are required to click on that application icon that you will be able to locate on the home screen of your device. It automatically asks you for your mobile number, provides your numbers upon which you would like to access your WhatsApp.

As soon as you enter your mobile number, you will receive an automated generated message from the fmwhatsapp team consisting of the one-time password. In order to verify the authenticity of the provided number, you will need to provide with this OTP. Once this OTP has been verified by the fmwhatsapp team, you will be all set to rock with the installed FMWhatsApp application on your Android phone.

Now that you are able to open the fmwhatsapp application on your mobile phone, you will need to create your profile before proceeding further and enjoy the various unique features. Once you proceed with all the aspects of this Mod of WhatsApp, you will realize that there are a lot of unique features that have been enriched with theming, lock mod, customizations etc.

First of all, you need to enable unknown sources in the security settings of your Android device.

1.To install FMWhatsApp you need to search and download the apk file on your Android.

2.Once you need to tap on the FMWhastsapp Apk after downloading and from here the process of installation will start.

3.Now your Android will require the grant permission from you for installing the app.

4.After clicking on the INSTALL option you have to wait for a few moments for the installation to completely get over.

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5.If your installation process is completed, you will receive a notification that shows your installation process has been completed.

6.From above process, your FMWhatsApp Apk will be installed for Android on your device.

How to setup FMWhatsapp APK for Android?

After completing the process of downloading and installing you must have to set up your FM WhatsApp Apk for your Android Smartphone. So, to setup FMWhatsApp just follow the following steps that have been provided below.

1.After installation process to the FMWhtaspp Apk, you have to tap on the icon of FMWhatsApp.

2.Now your FMWhatsapp Apk will appear on your Android smartphone screen.

3.You could tap on “ Restore” option to restore the chats of the original one or tap on the other one if you want to restart everything.

4.Verify your mobile number after selecting your country.

5.After that, you will get a message on your mobile SMS box on your number. This will be a verification code of 6-Digit number and provide this in the provided space.

6.If due to any reason you are not receiving the message then you can tap on “Resend SMS” or you get one more option and that is “ Call Me. ”

7.Tap on “CALL ME” option for getting call to you verification 6 digit code.

8.After completing the above process now you need to enter your name, add the picture to your Whatsapp Apk DP from your picture gallery and add status too.

9.You can also add the emojis to your name and status.

10.Now you are ready to use your FMWhatsapp Apk just like the original WhatsApp.

Latest unique features of FMWhatsApp Apk

This mod of WhatsApp is enriched with all the basic as well as major features of official WhatsApp along with many other impressive features. So, instead of listing all the features, it is better to list the advanced features that are being updated in this mod of WhatsApp, although it has a long list in all together:

1. Developed and modified on the basis of the official & latest version of WhatsApp.
2. Provides an ability to schedule your WhatsApp messages. It is being accompanied by an inbuilt message scheduler.
3. Capable of hiding the view status and maintaining privacy.
4. You can also hide the chats as per your desire along with saving the status/story.
5. Various updated Emojis/smiley are being added.
6. Capable of making comparatively smoother video calling.
7. Now, one can easily share even the heavy video, up to 50MB.
8. Maximum 35 characters group names can be set, that were 25 characters in the official version.
9. Various bugs while sending the videos has been fixed.
10. You can set privacy for you’re last seen, blue ticks, Second tick, and typing status.
11. Status can also be copied now.
12. Ability to make broadcast up to 600 people.
13. Status can be put having 255 characters now that was 139 in the official version.
14. Supports more than 100 languages.
15. One can also update the theme of your WhatsApp separately from the theme option.
16. This mod helps in staying online for 24 hours.
17. Can be used as dual WhatsApp in a single device.
18. No ban issues
19. One can also create their personalized theme and use in their FMWhatsApp.
20. Ability to share 90 pictures in one shot that was 10 in the official version.
21. Selected text of WhatsApp can also be copied now.
22. You are not required to have a separate lock application in order to lock FMWhatsApp.
23. Application icon along with notification icon can also be modified.
24. Specific contacts can also be blocked to call specifically.
25. Send Gif Image; disable voice calling if you want.
26. Added the Selfie Flash.
27. One can customize to hide the last seen of selected contacts.
28. Ability to modify the ticks|bubbles looks style as per your convenience.
29. Media demo without loading, much better than real WhatsApp.
30. One can open the links without saving the admin and contact numbers.
31. It provides the privilege to see Online & last Seen at Home.
FMWhatsApp Update Apk Latest Download

The link that been provided above in this post, consisting of the most updated version of FMWhatsapp application. However, in case you wish to download the same from any other link, please ensure that you download the most updated version only, as this application is being updated every month by its developer Fouad Mokdad.


After going through the complete post, and installing FMWhatsApp on your Android phone, one will realize it is just a matter of few clicks and you will have access to many of the impressive features that this Mod provides. Hope you are completely satisfied with the tutorial on the installation process along with enclosed unique features.
Also, please note that the FMwhatsapp is the application that supports only the Android-based phones and hence, the iPhone users are not lucky enough to enjoy with the impressive features of this Mod of WhatsApp and they will have to stick to that official version only.

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