How Much Does The Membership Cost Of Anytime Fitness?



Fitness Overview

Anytime Fitness is a chain of gyms with locations across the world. Anytime Fitness is a chain of health and fitness clubs that can be located all over the world, not just in the United States. This is a membership-based gym that provides state-of-the-art equipment and workout programmes to meet the fitness goals of its members.

Anytime Fitness has an advantage over all other gym chains in the United States in that their locations are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays. One more advantage is that Anytime fitness cost is also reasonable. Members are given a physical key to their gyms, which they can use at any time. This feature alone ensures that users have complete access to their fitness routines; busy schedules are no longer an excuse for not exercising.

About Anytime Fitness

  • Personal Training

Personal training sessions with a professional personal trainer to help you become stronger from the inside out. These sessions are very important as they help you target your focus areas and they get you the results faster than any other workout plan combined.

  • Fitness Consultation

Their experts will tell you the suitable programme to burn your calories and on track to reach your fitness objectives based on a quick survey, talk, and movement assessment. The consultation includes personalised fitness programmes as well as personalised diets that allow you to get into a better shape without compromising on the nutritional value that your body needs.

  • Team Workouts

Full-body workouts that are specifically designed to increase stamina and strength, utilising the group’s enthusiasm and the qualified personal trainer’s skills to maximise your results. This is effective as the spirit of competition always gets the better out of you. These exercises will allow you to get better in agility and flexibility as the movements need to be done in coordination with the groups.

What Is Anytime Fitness Cost?

The fitness centre is a member-only facility. The price of an Anytime Fitness membership is determined by the membership type, which can be monthly or annual, based on the preferences of the members. Patrons can save money by paying an annual membership fee, but it also requires them to commit to using the membership throughout the year.

The Anytime Fitness membership cost varies depending on the location of the gym where you applied, the services provided by the club, and the type of membership you choose, monthly or annual. Anywhere, though, Anytime Fitness prices would be comparable to these.

  • For one person, the initiation price is $49.99; for two persons, the charge is $99.99.
  • For one person, the anytime fitness cost monthly is $38.99; for two individuals, the charge is $59.99.
  • The one-time key charge is $35.00 for both one and two persons.

Despite the fact that the Anytime Fitness logo is owned by a single firm, prices will vary depending on the location of the facility. This means that a Cleveland Anytime Fitness establishment can charge a different rate than one in Los Angeles.

The average Anytime Fitness cost for the membership varies from $30 to $38.99 for a single member’s fee for a month, and if you wanna save up, then go for the anytime fitness cost per year membership that can go up to $659.99 for two adults and depends on which Anytime Fitness club branch you register with.

Another advantage of Anytime Fitness over other gyms is that you will not be charged if you decide to cancel your membership.

Why Join Anytime Fitness?

Anytime fitness is the chain of gyms all over the world that provides its members many benefits a few of them are as follows:

  • Anytime Fitness App

Members get exclusive access to the gym application that allows them to workout even on the days that they are unable to attend the gym. The application also comes handy in the current scenario of coronavirus which has taken a toll on people’s health the most.

  • Coach Care Connect

The members get exclusive access to the personalised coaches. They personalise the client’s schedule by acknowledging the problem areas that need more attention. This way the clients benefit the most as the work is done directly on the required areas which make them feel confident in just a few days after the workout since the results show quite fast.

  • Convenience

The members have convenience in accessing the gym. They literally get hold of the key through which they can open the gym at their convenience and not miss a single day. The gym is open 24×7 which allows the members to workout all the days and get fit.


Anytime Fitness is a chain of gyms that allows the members to be very flexible with their membership as well their fitness plans. They offer these three fitness plans:

Base Program: The program focuses on building your basic moves of the exercises. The trainer focuses on your movement as well as the correct postures in the various exercise moves.

Burn Program: This program focuses on burning upto 1000 calories in an hour during the workout sessions. This programme is ideal for losing weight .

Build Program: This program is best for those who want to build muscles without bulking much.

Choose the programs that suit you best. Usually the consulting session with the trainer solves a majority of the doubts. You can have your dream body, you just have to believe and join Anytime fitness.

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