Pizza company trolls Andrew Tate following his arrest in Romania



Andrew Tate was thoroughly trolled after he got arrested in Romania trying to mock environmental activist, Greta Thunberg.

The 36-year-old controversial social media influencer and the former Big Brother contestant, was arrested on December 30, 2022 with his brother Tristan and two more suspects for allegedly engaging in human trafficking, per Reuters.

Tate’s arrest was reportedly made possible after officials were tipped off to his location by a pizza box that appeared in his video, which was of the Romanian Pizza chain.

Online, the pizza box as been hailed as a major clue into leading the authorities to Tate in the first place.

The pizza franchise jumping on the bandwagon trolled the former kickboxer in a series of tweets.

“At Jerry’s Pizza, we deliver swift justice.”



“Another one bites the crust.”

Giving a nod to Thunberg’s quip about ‘recycling pizza boxes,’ the chain tweeted:

“At Jerry’s Pizza, our boxes are always recyclable.”

According to AP, A spokesperson for Romanian anti-organised crime agency DIICOT said that Tate along with his brothers and two others, were arrested on charges of being part of an organised crime group, human trafficking and rape. The agency said the British citizens recruited women who were subjected to “acts of physical violence and mental coercion,” sexually exploited by group members and forced to perform pornographic acts intended to reap “important financial benefits.”

The statement didn’t name the Tate brothers. Photographs published by Romanian media outlets appeared to show Tate being led away in handcuffs by masked law enforcement officers.

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