What Do You Need to Know When Choosing the Right Wedding Dress?



It can feel as if every detail of wedding planning demands your entire attention. When it comes to finding the right dress, however, there’s a reason you need to focus. What you wear on your big day will impact your confidence levels and the memories captured in photographs. Here’s what you must know before choosing your wedding dress.

Think About Your Existing Wardrobe Preferences

What do you normally feel confident and comfortable wearing? How would you describe your personal style? If you don’t wear clothes that express your true personality, what would you wear if you had the time or budget? Use these adjectives to guide your research into wedding dress specialists and designers. Are there particular fabrics that you love or hate? Do you have a preferred silhouette that suits you best?

Calculate Your Budget Beforehand

There is no obligation to overpay for your wedding dress. Just because a dress is more expensive doesn’t mean it’s necessarily right for you. Figure out how much of your wedding budget can be allocated for your dress and accessories, and then start looking for dresses below this number. It’s wise to start looking at more affordable options first before resorting to the higher end of your budget.

Try On a Wide Variety of Styles

Just as casual fashion trends go in and out of style, bridal styles also change with time. Some people enjoy finding a contemporary wedding dress that references current fashion, while others prefer styles that could be considered more timeless. Even if you have a particular style in mind, it’s worth trying on a variety of wedding dress styles so that you have a full idea of what’s possible. You may be surprised by a style you hadn’t thought about before. Let your dress consultant guide you, and keep an open mind.

Avoid Ambitious Body Goals

Attempting to lose or gain weight before your special day puts unnecessary pressure on what should be a joyous occasion. You already have so much else to plan; don’t overwhelm yourself with changing the shape of your body. Instead, shop for dresses that fit you as you are.

Give Yourself Time to Shop Around

Once you have found your dream dress, it may need alterations and adjustments ahead of the big day. Depending on whether you are buying off the rack or custom-made, you will need to allow at least a few weeks or months for your dress to be tailored.

Consider Hair, Makeup, Footwear, Flowers, and Accessories

Some people pick out their dress and then add accessories to complement it. Others have a clearer idea as to which accessories they want, and so work backwards to find the ideal dress. It’s up to you to decide which approach works best.

There are so many other considerations you should bear in mind when shopping for your wedding dress that it would be impossible to include them all here. By giving yourself enough time before the big day, you relieve some of the stress of tracking down your dream dress. This will help you think more clearly and choose something that truly speaks to you. Consider your personal style and budget, and trust your instincts.

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