When Love Takes Control: ODE TO AMY AND TJ



I’m fascinated by the romantic saga of T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach, the American network, married news presenters who left their respective spouses to be together. The story captured national, and dare I say, international attention. Whatever possessed them to throw caution to the wind and air their love affair in public, is the same spirit that possessed me to put this poem, this ode, out in the public.

How many songs have been written about love taking control over people? Too numerous to count, so I’ve decided to just write an ‘ode’ and I had someone break me off a little acoustic energy. The pair, about whom this ode is written, really touched a nerve within me, because as the ode opens, I explain that I’m NO “innocent” when it comes to this game.

Barely out of my teens, a magic man came along and acted like a true knight in shining armor, as I was an emotionally broken damsel in distress, and had been for as long as I could remember. I was rescued by one so patient, so understanding, kind, tender and caring … who happened to be a beautiful human to look at. It was his kindness that eventually drew in this “raised-right” Southern Baptist girl. He was a gentle shoulder to cry on, but I carried the guilt for decades.

None of us know what the bond is that has the world talking about the saga of the American, network lovebirds — T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach. We can all make assumptions and utter the usual stereotypes, but only the two of them are privy to if it’s Elmer’s glue or a cement bond that keeps them clinging to each other.

I once heard a man say that when the woman he left his wife for first touched him, a jolt of electricity went through his entire body and he was no longer in control of himself; the “other” woman was. That stuck with me. I would never want to experience ANYTHING like that … but could that sort of electricity be what’s running through the veins of the infamous network lovers?

They certainly aren’t the first lovers in history to throw it all away, or maybe they now feel free. Can you put a price on freedom? (Asking for a friend.)

I remain fascinated by the saga of Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson. How King Edward VIII voluntarily abdicated the throne to marry the American divorcée Wallis Simpson is like a fairy-tale of love to end all fairy-tales. Again, this kind of “devil-may-care” love just shakes my soul to a feeling that I can only describe as that when I’m taking off or landing in a plane. Has to be some psychological name for that!

As a child reading the roles out loud in class from, “Romeo and Juliet,” I was just flabbergasted at how anybody could love anyone to the point of no return. The play just seemed too real; it touched my childish soul. Well, William Shakespeare was called “The Bard.” I mean no disrespect to him or any of the literary greats, as I put forth my own ode, which will come at the end of this writing. With my above commentary, here’s “Ode To Amy And TJ.”©  


Singer-songwriter Temperance Lancecouncil who has also turned her ode into a musical version.

ODE TO AMY AND TJ ©  By Temperance Lancecouncil

I come by this saga from a view of both sides

For in my foolish days, I rode the mistress ride

Although quite young, it was a short fling

I knew it was wrong and I did a bad thing

And from that sin, no I can not hide

But TJ and Amy, they stroll with pride

Public opinion aside, offspring not withstand

What about his ex woman, or her ex man?

Shall we feel pity or assign them some blame?

You know love isn’t a weak man’s game

No guarantees written

When humans are smitten

Cupid’s arrow is straight, the point is sharp

Hits the bullseye center even in the dark

What’s a heart to do?

Say, the target is you

Is shielding one’s heart even nearly enough?

When the arrow is dipped in flaming lust

It hasn’t clear eyes, can only see love

It hasn’t a conscience, it can not judge

I do recall when I first saw TJ

A total news hottie and he anchored away

Pretty as sunshine, Amy woke up the day

I watched her debut way back on “Today”

I knew she’d go far, although not in this way

But as birds they do fly and roses they bloom

Are TJ and Amy destined for doom?

The bloom it could come soon right off the rose

The bird needs new wind, soon right under its nose

Will “Sorry” then be their only word?

Nothing else from them will ever be heard

Will they mesh like ivy clinging to a wall?

Like in a secret garden, ignoring us all

Romantics only see love birds at play

Naysayers only see karma lying in wait

First hand I know karma, the spear wicked

The pain of it lingers and never quits

Ode to the network’s Bonnie and Clyde

Whose crime is their love, displayed with pride

Ode to the network’s Romeo and Juliet

Is Vegas watching, are they taking any bets?

Ode to the network’s Edward and Wallis

Did their union even end in lover’s bliss?

Ode to the real-life, Amy and TJ

Who are we to say, if their love will stay

Perhaps we all should just let them be

Let the lovers run wild, let the lovers run free

Free of our judgment, free of such woe

Free of discernment, but full hope

Do we all simply wonder what their passion is?

Are they drunk in love, is euphoria real?

Say, what ya gonna do

When cupid sticks you?

You gonna take that ride

Or love with pride?

Ode to the beautiful, Amy and TJ They may not have tomorrow, but they have today

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