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Best Afdah TV Shows And Alternatives In 2022



Online websites like Afdah allow users to watch different types of TV shows and movies. In addition, the afdah movies are illegally streamed on the website. This website can also be used for streaming not just watching movies. 

You can use this website on any electronic device such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets, etc., and you can find any tv show or film that you want to watch. Afdah has thousands of movies and shows listed up waiting for you to watch. 

The website leaks the newly released movies that are shown only in the theatre or cinema as well. We can find all the action films, horror films, or any other films with any genre on Afdah. It is one of the leading websites today, but it is still illegal as it uploads pirated movies. 

Afdah TV shows: 

The tv shows that we can find on Afdah tv are Reservation Days, Motherland, High School Musical, Resident Alien, Blood and Treasure, The Sandman, I am Groot, Better Call Saul, Lock and Key, Euphoria and many more. Afdah is a website that is filled with a vast quantity of tv shows with all the available episodes. The Rick and Monty show is also present with all 5 seasons available on the website. 

Afdah Movies/ Films: 

If you want to watch movies/films online without any Netflix or Amazon prime subscription, then Afdah is the number one choice for you. It has all the movies such as Divergent, Ant-Man, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone, Fantastic Beasts: 

The Crimes of Grindelwald, Don’t Breathe 2, The Lion King, Mean Girls, Spiderman 3, Spiderman- No Way Home, Spiderman Homecoming, Frozen 2, Twilight, Venom 2, Hunger Games, The Conjuring 3 and a lot more to discover are all present on this website. 

Afdah Alternatives: 

Many other websites have all the movies available. The following are the different Afdah Alternatives.


This website is something that a movie lover should not miss out on. On this website, there are different genres of movies, and there are even movies from all around the world, the movies are not just from Hollywood but there are Korean, Thai, Chinese, Indian, and a lot of other places which is a bonus point for the people who watch a variety of movies. There is even a special area in which there are movies that are recommended by the website managers. 

  • LosMovies: 

LosMovies is another top streaming website that is quite similar to Afdah. On this website, the main difference is that you pinpoint which specific genre, actor, or director’s movie you want to watch. You can also organize the movies by their release date or in an alphabetical manner. 

  • 123Movie:

 If you think that the above two websites have many bonus points then you are wrong because on 123Movies you can watch movies in HD quality. It has series like Stranger Things, River Dale, Euphoria, and others. The website allows you to download movies and it does not take a lot of time to load the movie or show. 

  • YouTube:

 If we consider YouTube as one of the best content providers then we will not be wrong. This website provides all the movies or tv shows that you want to watch for free. This is one of the best parts of YouTube. Also, there are options available for different resolutions. 

Afdah Shutdown: 

The reason why your website is not working or afdah is shutdown it may be because of your internet connection. You can try restarting your mobile phone or laptop and then open Afdah. There might be another reason why Afdah not working, it might be because your computer’s firewall must’ve blocked the website as it is illegal.  

Does Afdah still work: 

Many people inquire does Afdah still work? Or Afdah not working?The original website of Afdah was shut down, so there might be a possibility that Afdah is not working though there are thousands of other websites that are quite similar to Afdah. Many people tend to search for Afdah new domain 2022.

Is Afdah safe: 

The question of Afdah being a safe website is asked by many users and the answer to that question is no, the Afdah website is not safe though it is a free website it streams movies and tv shows illegally, and streaming something that we know is illegal is a crime. If you still want to go Afdah then you have to make sure to use an adblocker as the ads can lead you to another website that may be unsafe. 

Is Downloading Safe?

Yes, Afdah is safe to download movies. Afdah allows you to download movies. Therefore, you will not have any problem downloading the movies. There might be some problems while downloading the movies because the website being illegal may be banned in many countries so this might be a problem. Also, you have to remember that you cannot download the movies directly you will have to screen-record the movie. 

How to Use Afdah:

Afdah provides a very user-friendly interface to work upon. It is similar to any other movie watching website. If anyone wants to know how to use Afdah one can easily search their favourite movies on the search engine and here you go. It’s that easy to use it Avple.


How do I install Afdah on my firestick? 

Firstly, click on Download from Zip File, after this you find the downloaded file and then click on it and wait for your notification. After this, click on install from Repository and open Kedil Repository. Then finally you open Add-on and install Afdah. 

Is Afdah a good site? 

Afdah streams content illegally so No, Afdah is not a good site as it may lead you to commit a crime. 

Why is Afdah blocked? 

The website originally used content that was available on Google. So, Google considered this as a violation of its terms of use. That is why Afdah’s original website was shut down.


Although Afdah is an illegal movie watching website but it is very popular among many people. However, now as it is shut down many people have moved towards different alternatives to Afdah.  

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