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Devin Millar promotes the normalization of cross-dressing through his music



Devin Millar promotes the normalization of cross-dressing through his music

Fashion is always up for debate and controversy, especially regarding the wearer. One independent music producer Devin Millar, hailing from the Portland Oregon area is bringing a new approach to that. 

Devin is on YouTube and creates animations to go with his music, which is modeled after 90s children’s animations with adult themes and references. Clothing-wise, he wears skirts and dresses similar to young girls and uses a Melina Martinez-esque flair. He says he feels like a big child at the age of 22. 

Devin claims that modern society should treat men and boys crossdressing the same as how women and girls are treated when dressing the same way. Millar believes everyone should be understood and that skirts and dresses should be treated like everyday clothing regardless of the gender of the person wearing them. 

One view and song, in particular, is “Doll Life”, a song focused on the main mascot of his music, Jack. Jack is a teenage boy who dresses up like a girl as part of his feminine style and goes on an adventure with his friends to fight the underwater mafia in his Escalade. Everyone becomes friends and all perform together. The song has been viewed many times on YouTube many times and has been a hit for the last couple of months. One may notice the boy characters also wear dresses along with the girls, which are identical to the one Jack is wearing. For that reason, the song subliminally sends Devin’s message. 

Promoting a sense of animated nostalgia and creating songs with happy tones mixed with Dance music through his YouTube channel, Devin has been creating melodic, inspiring Pop music since he was 14 and continues to inspire others. Devin also is on a mission to inspire the world to not label clothes and fashion based on gender.

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