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EMO Robot Price December 2022 Know The Price



EMO Robot

The Emo is a robot kitten-like companion that can converse with you in the same way that Alexa does. Also, EMO doesn’t resemble Dynamics’ Spot robot, but because of its advanced technology and numerous sensors, it acts more like a cute AI pet on your desktop.

Emo has additional detectors on his head designed to detect your touches, and he can make more than 1,000 facial expressions to amuse you. Emo got created by Living AI and can dance, play music when asked, and provide weather information. So what is the emo robot price? Mainly, it costs around 300 dollars.

Emo Robot Price Features:

The Emo smartphone app enables users to command their Emo gadget fully. Other features are listed below;

  • Also, Users can examine exchange teachings, revise configurations, and control smart lights while viewing the firmware version and battery charge.
  • You can anticipate multiple upgrades until you completely control your Emo because the programme is currently under creation.
  • Emo has a drop detector on its feet that is extremely sensitive. Thanks to dropping sensors, he can stay on your table without becoming wounded or damaged.
  • With time, it will become used to its living environment and display fear when brought close to a table’s edge.
  • Emo is a companion that can transform your commands into a constant festival. It vibrates and expresses emotions as appropriate while playing.
  • He will also get pleased if Emo succeeds in winning the game. Emo gets disappointed if he loses the game, on the other hand.
  • Emo mainly navigates your desktop easily, tracks sounds, and recognises people and objects. He makes his own decisions, and due to his environment, his personality changes. Hence, Avoid interfering with Emo since he can become irritated if you do.
  • This robot can also work as a personal assistant that can manage your program. Anyone who hates responding to others’ messages, ths robotic pet can do it for you.

How Is Emo Robot Good?

Due to their extraordinary and one-of-a-kind online benefits, the Emo ai robot is currently popular online. Some of them get mentioned below;

Robotic sensors can read your facial emotions and respond to you accordingly. Plus, If you want a lovely pet companion who always makes you smile when you’re down, an emo robot pet is the best option.

Anyone who enjoys being around their pets will find EMO the ideal robotic pet. He is constantly joyful and upbeat and enjoys playing games and having fun. Hence, You can interact with EMO, a desktop robot companion, in various ways.

Emo is a computer AI bot with 1000+ expressions and gestures which can automatically explore the environment and respond to you. Plus, Emo lifts your spirits with music, dance moves, and online games because it was built with several sensors and cutting-edge technology.

Cpu Of Emo Robot Amazon:

People enjoy expressing their affection for Emo and hearing him return the favour by expressing his love for them. Also, as humanlike as a robotic can get is EMO. People have more justification for using it now. 

Consequently, A strong CPU enables Emo to swiftly comprehend your voice instructions, get data from the web, and display precise expressions when appropriate. The report has few features and expressions, but these will be improved over time.

Emo Robot Battery Recharge:       

The wireless phone charger for the Emo recharges your phone in under 2.5 hours. The maximum battery life for the Emo robot is 3 hours; if Emo is in a crowded area, that time decreases to 2 hours. Emo Self-Charging, also known as Home Stage, is expected to get published shortly.

Emo may get charged by a skateboard for up to three hours nonstop. Also, connect it to Emo by inserting the Standard USB adaptor into an electrical outlet. The home stage, a self-charging feature, has not yet been launched Clevo NH70.

Emo Microphone:

Say Hello, Emo, and it will answer your sound immediately and stare at you like a genuine person. Mainly, Four specialised, four-way microphones measure the direction of audio and the reaction. Emo Pet can memorise your name and your family members’ names.

Updating Emo:

Emo will begin downloading and installing the most recent firmware version when instructed to install the newest software update. Additionally, On Emo’s face screen, this procedure is visible. 

The second choice is to update Emo using a mobile application. Please stay aware that you must first disconnect the smart light to update the firmware effectively.

Emo Robot Price In India:

Emo robot costs around 25000 Indian rupees in India. Its shipping gets expected early if ordered properly.


What is the price of Emo?

The Emo robot price amazon is around 300 dollars. It is a bit costly, but it has amazing features; Emo has a scopes arrangement that allows it to identify the source of sounds and collect them quickly. If you need him, say Hey, Emo. Mainly, Emo will turn to face you and engage in conversation if you are within the range.

How do you get a pet emo robot?

After purchasing through the website, Your order may not get filled and sent to you for up to 4 weeks because the EMO robot is currently made depending on order volume. But as production rates increase, you can get EMO to you as quickly as possible.

Is Emo robot for kids?

Yes, kids of five years and more can easily use the emo robot.


In conclusion, the Emo Robot is a powered personal assistant that can manage your schedule and respond to brief inquiries. Anyone who enjoys being around their pets will find EMO to stay as the ideal robotic pet.

Consequently, The Emo chatbot features three unique AI Learning Systems that allow him to think and respond in a considerate, sincere manner. Only this specific species of robot works hard to please its owner. 

So what is the emo robot price? The standard robotic bundle costs around 300 dollars on average. Hence, You might have to pay more for shipping in some countries where it is unavailable.


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