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Five Advantages of Having a Metal Sign For Your Business



Five Advantages of Having a Metal Sign For Your Business

When you open a business, whether it’s on a high street or in a mall, you’ll need a sign that will attract customers, as well as be clear in advertising your business.

In 2023, there are seemingly endless options when it comes to the material that signs are made from, but if you’re opting for a business that has a more vintage look, then it can be worth investing in a metal sign.

Are there any real-world benefits to doing this other than it looking cool? Yes, there are, and here, some of those advantages will be looked at.

  • Longevity

One of the main benefits of investing in a steel or aluminum sign is that they’re extremely durable and long-lasting. Indeed, even in hot weather or freezing cold, they won’t warp, fade, or crack, and they certainly won’t break down in the way that some of the more modern plastic signs do.

Even when you need to clean old metal signs, all you need to do is wipe them with water—none of this fancy cleaning business that’s needed for neon signs or even wooden ones. This means that your signage will remain visible for years and years. So, if you want a sign that will last, opt for a metal one!

  • Professional Looking

As mentioned before, there’s something vintage-looking about metal signs, but they also showcase a level of high quality and professionalism that you simply don’t get with other materials. They can be made to look sleek or old-fashioned, depending on your business type.

Research has found that consumers are more likely to go into a store with a metal sign, as this material is typically linked to higher quality businesses, as well as conveying the idea of permanence and reliability. So, it looks professional, and it also instills that idea into the minds of everyone who sees it!

  • Customizable

Ok, so there’s nothing new about a sign for a business that’s customizable, but what makes metal signs different is that they have the option to be made into a more 3D format. Metal can be crafted to stand out; it can be engraved, embossed, or even printed, based on the needs of your business and your brand. Even though customizing a metal sign can be pricey, remember that your sign is going to be there for a long time!

  • Visible

Metal is a unique material in that while also looking or being 3-dimensional, it can be colored to create high visibility. So, when paired with the right font and contrasting colors, your shop sign will be noticeable from a long distance.

Also, as metal is highly reflective, you can opt to have different designs placed onto the sign, which will work in different light conditions, meaning your sign will be seen in both the day and the night.

  • Low Maintenance

Metal signs don’t require any varnishing, no special washes, and no electrical wiring. If they get dirty, you simply wipe them down, and that’s it! If they become rusted or corroded, you can simply grind the rusted area off the sign and put on some sealant, which should last for well over a decade. Brilliant!

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