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Four Ways of Reducing Your Morning Tasks Before Heading into Work



Four Ways of Reducing Your Morning Tasks Before Heading into Work

Everyone will identify with the feeling, especially when waking up on a cold and frosty Monday morning in winter, of not wanting anything less than having to get out of bed, into the cold bathroom, dressed, and in the car for a busy and often pitch-black commute into work.

It makes logical sense, then, to take every opportunity you can to reduce the time it takes to complete your morning tasks to give you some extra time in bed, and crucially, enable you to have more time to relax in the morning before work. Here are four ways of doing just that!

1.    Prepare Your Meals Ahead of Time

Even though after a hard day at work, the last thing you probably feel like doing is to prepare lunch for the next day, once you get used to this new element to your nightly routine, this will have a hugely positive influence on your morning one.

Make sure that you pack your bag with food that’s simple to eat, yet contains enough vitamins and minerals, as well as other nutrients, to ensure a healthy day ahead.

Healthy lunchtime meals that you can easily prepare the evening before include:

  • Three bean salad
  • Chili & lime chicken bowl
  • Spicy tuna wrap
  • Dill & spinach pasta salad
  • Roasted vegetable & quinoa salad

2.    Drink a Glass of Water When You Wake Up

One of the simplest, yet most effective, ways that you can energize yourself in the morning so that your regular, obligatory tasks take less time than they are right now to start the day right by keeping a fresh bottle of water on your bedside cabinet.

This way, as soon as you wake up (and during the night should you need it), you can immediately hydrate yourself and replace any water deficit that’s happened while you were sleeping. Replenishing your body’s fluids in this way will not only give you much-needed morning energy, but also help to sharpen your focus and concentration for the day.

3.    Rid Yourself of Glasses & Contacts

Next, if you’re always irritating your eyes and the surrounding area on your face by having to put contact lenses over your corneas, then maybe it’s time to look for an affordable and effective way of eradicating the need for contact lenses altogether.

By far the best solution is to look into laser eye surgery Adelaide, where experienced medical professionals can transform the quality of your eyesight with a surgery that typically lasts under half an hour.

4.    Keep an Outfit Emergency Tin in Your Bag

One of the best ways to ruin your morning even before you’ve stepped inside the office is when the heel of your shoe breaks, your dress splits at the back, or the zip gets stuck on your pants. To avoid a potential meltdown, not to mention being late, you should strive to prepare for these kinds of fashion emergencies.

A small tin with bandages to fix little nicks on your face from shaving, stain-removing pens if your breakfast ends up on your shirt, and some safety pins (the ultimate outfit lifesaver) will all save you an inordinate amount of valuable time in the morning.

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