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How To Help More People With Their Fitness Journey – Even If You Don’t Own A Gym



How To Help More People With Their Fitness Journey – Even If You Don’t Own A Gym

If you have a passion for fitness and your own story to tell, then it is almost inevitable that you will want to help others transform their lives in the same way you have transformed yours. The major stumbling block here, of course, is the fact that you might have limited access to the type of fitness equipment that many people associate with a fitness journey.

The first step, then, is to show people that you don’t need access to a gym to start becoming fitter and healthier, and all you need are a few basic items to achieve results that will set you on a path to much bigger and better things. Getting this message across might not seem easy, but by following these simple steps, you give yourself the best chance possible.

#1 Hire a studio

The first thing you will want is somewhere to create the videos you will use to get your message to others. You may not have space at home or be able to guarantee you will not be able to work uninterrupted. For that reason, you should look for private studio space for rent at Tradestars where you can not only make your videos but also store any small pieces of equipment and supplies you might have. As your entire business will depend on this space, it will need to be in a well-managed area with security and CCTV in place, as well as kitchen facilities for food and drink and even a shower after your on-screen workout.

#2 Create your brand

As you gain a following from posting your videos on YouTube and social media channels, you’ll need to establish your name and your brand. For this purpose, you should make sure you have a logo that you can put just about everywhere, as well as other promotional materials to raise awareness. If you have picked the right premises, you may find that you are already sharing workspace with people who can do this for you.

#3 Sell your fitness merchandise

Revenue from advertising in your videos will only go so far, and there are other ways you can monetize your business. When you are sharing your story, you can tell people about the resources you used like protein bars and powders, as well as any weights and clothing. There are affiliate deals available with many of the brands, but if you are looking to increase your own brand, you can look to white-label suppliers for various items and have your own logo placed upon them. Of course, the place where you rent your studio may also have storage, packing, and labeling facilities, so you can handle the distribution yourself as well.

Final thoughts

When you think of people on a fitness journey, you likely think of them working hard in a gym, but this is not the whole story. You can help people with basic video recording equipment and a space to demonstrate your routines. Finding this space is essential, especially if you are thinking of branching out, so you will need to look at what other facilities your potential space provides.

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