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A pledge of loyalty is made by King Charles to the Queen



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On Monday, King Charles addressed lawmakers and peers in what he termed as “the live and breathing instrument of our democracy are to follow queen’s law,” saying he was “sincerely committed” to following the example of his mother Queen Elizabeth.

Charles gave his address to the upper and lower chambers of parliament during a ceremony at Westminster Hall, the oldest building on the parliamentary estate, during which he praised his mother and vowed to defend the idea of constitutional governance.

Her Late Majesty took an oath as a young girl to serve her nation, and her people, and to maintain the fundamental principles of constitutional governance.

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Although Charles, 73, instantly succeeded his mother, the Accession Council gathered on Saturday to officially crown him as king. Liz Truss, the new prime minister of Britain, along with his wife Camilla and son and heir William, all signed the document.

In accepting these obligations, I shall endeavor to defend the constitutional government and to seek the peace, harmony, and prosperity of the peoples of these islands as well as of Those regions and kingdoms that are part of the United States.

These spectators included elderly persons using mobility scooters and little toddlers riding on their parent’s shoulders.

Early on Saturday morning, crowds began forming outside the royal residences in Britain. The 54-year-old design manager Ian Bilboe added,” It’s a tragic point in our nation’s history”. We are here to be a part of that and show respect to the late queen and also to the new king.

In addition to ruling the United Kingdom, Charles is also the head of state or government of 14 other nations, including Australia, Canada, Jamaica, New Zealand, and Papua New Guinea.