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What is NVM




NVM, or Node Version Manager, is a tool that allows developers to easily switch between different versions of Node.js on their machines. This is particularly useful for those who work on projects that require a specific version of Node.js to run.

NVM works by installing multiple versions of Node.js on your machine, and then letting you switch between them as needed. You can install any version of Node.js that you need, and switch to it with just a few commands.

To use NVM, you first need to install it on your machine. This can be done through the command line by following the instructions on the NVM GitHub page. Once installed, you can use NVM to install any version of Node.js that you need.

To install a specific version of Node.js using NVM, you simply need to run the following command:

phpCopy codenvm install <version>

For example, if you wanted to install Node.js version 14.15.4, you would run the following command:

Copy codenvm install 14.15.4

Once the version is installed, you can switch to it using the following command:

perlCopy codenvm use <version>

For example, to switch to Node.js version 14.15.4, you would run:

perlCopy codenvm use 14.15.4

You can also set a default version of Node.js that NVM will use. This is useful if you have a preferred version that you use most of the time. To set a default version, simply run the following command:

csharpCopy codenvm alias default <version>

For example, to set Node.js version 14.15.4 as the default, you would run:

csharpCopy codenvm alias default 14.15.4

NVM also provides other useful commands, such as listing all installed versions of Node.js (nvm ls) and uninstalling a specific version (nvm uninstall <version>).

In summary, NVM is a powerful tool for managing different versions of Node.js on your machine. It allows you to easily switch between versions and ensures that you have the correct version installed for each project. If you are a Node.js developer, NVM is definitely a tool worth checking out.

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