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Orange Tesla Ecstasy Pills Side Effects



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Orange The 3,4-methylenedioxy-methamphetamine (MDMA/ecstasy) encountered in Tesla ecstasy pills is orange, molded like that of a shield with the Tesla emblem on it. In nightclubs or music festivals, these medications are commonly found. 

Tesla pills are considerably more robust and can include a minimum of 240 milligrams of MDMA in its most effective amount, irrespective of the fact that the recreational drug is a stimulator and hallucinogen resembling conventional ecstasy/molly. Additionally, when subjected to a black light, the pills sparkle in the dark, and some of them even have purple glittering on them.

Due to their strength, Orange Tesla tablets have a significant risk of causing harm. When the tablets are combined with other drugs, such as PCP, heroin, cocaine, or nutritional supplements, the risk is amplified even more. 

Orange Tesla ecstasy might not be as universally acknowledged as other illegal drugs. Still, initiatives such As the Loop are dedicated to promoting new information on drug regulation and alerting individuals about the hazards of this drug.

What Effects Ecstasy Has On The Body And Mind

The following modifications are put on by ecstasy, based on the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), as a consequence of the drug’s effect on the brain’s three chemicals:


Feelings of exhilaration and increased energy are relied on by higher levels of this neurotransmitter.


These changes result in an increase in the cardiac pace and blood pressure, which is particularly concerning for individuals who already suffer from heart issues.


This molecule affects a wide range of processes, such as emotions, appetite, as well as sleeping. The feelings of compassion and emotional closeness that go along with drug consumption are usually triggered by this enhancement.

Orange Tesla Ecstasy Pills’ Side Effects

There are a number of adverse side effects associated with orange Tesla ecstasy tablets. In addition to the exhilaration and enthusiasm of ecstasy, orange Tesla pills may have a number of adverse physical and psychological consequences.


The following are possible physical adverse effects of these medications:

  1. accelerated heart rate
  2. cardiac arrest muscle stiffness
  3. the temperature rising
  4. sweating and chills
  5. vision distortion

Orange Tesla tablets can potentially have the following psychological side effects:

  1. disorientation
  2. memory issues
  3. anxiety symptoms
  4. irritability, stress, and sleeplessness
  5. alterations in how you hear, see and experience colors, etc.
  6. Desire for drugs

Risks of Tesla Ecstasy Orange Pills

There are several risks associated with using Tesla ecstasy tablets. Severe health problems might arise from using the illegal product on a frequent basis.

Damage to Organs

A rise in core temperature is one of the most frequent ecstasy negative impacts. If you ingest a considerable portion, your body temperature could increase to such a degree that it may damage many of your vital organs, such as the liver, heart, and kidneys. Your organs might fail completely, and this could be catastrophic if the trauma is severe enough Clevo NH70.


There is a greater likelihood of overdosing when using orange Tesla ecstasy pills. What for? The actual consequences of the medicine might not be experienced for more than 30 minutes. People might grow restless and then use additional medications to strive to feel something a little more soon. This can surely result in an overdose.

Each of the signs and symptoms listed below might signify an ecstasy overdose:

  1. very fast or irregular heartbeat
  2. hyperthermia
  3. breakdown of muscles
  4. seizures
  5. erratic physical actions.
  6. cognitive dissonance
  7. worry and suspicion
  8. vision distortion
  9. cramps in the abdomen
  10. vomiting and nauseous
  11. a higher blood pressure level
  12. urinary dysfunction

Composition & Potency

The fact that you are uncertain of the contents of the pill is yet another concern. It’s possible that the dose will be higher than intended. Other hazardous narcotics such as fentanyl, methamphetamine, dextromethorphan, or ketamine might well be added in by drug smugglers. Additionally, such a combination has the possibility of resulting in an overload and being deadly.

Other Forms Of Ecstasy

Ecstasy supplies with trade names on them are not restricted to the orange Tesla model. Numerous logos, such as those from social networking sites and some from other manufacturers, can be found on them. 

Additionally, Tesla ecstasy pills are available in a variety of shades, such as pink, green, as well as blue. The amount of MDMA in each pill fluctuates, and various other substances can be added to it.

Other color schemes are also accessible for Tesla ecstasy pills, and these colors generally indicate a higher strength. Ecstasy dosages for the different colors of Tesla pills vary from 130 mg for blue ones to 224 mg for pink ones to 300 mg for green ones. Depending on the manufacturer, these figures may vary.

Getting Solutions

Many individuals often attend events and nightclubs. Several people, such as adults and teenagers, participate in it as a method of relaxation and take a moment away from their everyday routines. This is not a dreadful thing in and of itself. However, it could be all too simple to get wrapped up in the enthusiasm of the situation and take a medication that is offered to you in a friendly environment without considering the consequences you are taking on. This choice may have a very detrimental effect on your health and wellness when it relates to ecstasy, especially orange Tesla. The effects might be disastrous if the tablet is combined with something that could be hazardous to your body, such as bath salts.


Try to refrain from participating in the orange teslas ecstasy pill pandemic. Ecstasy could or may not be addicting, but it can severely endanger your health. 

Without a straight solution regarding the risk of dependence, impairment to your long-term memory and consequences on your overall health (like those stated above) can continue to be detrimental to those who are affected by the consumption of ecstasy. 

And it is essential to remember that taking a substance that causes these effects illegitimately is not intended to be overlooked. moreover, be part of drug safety awareness and drug abuse programs to have a better understanding of physical and psychological effects.

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