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Signs That You Need To Upgrade Your Motorbike Parts



Signs That You Need To Upgrade Your Motorbike Parts

As a motorcyclist, I understand how enthusiastic you must be regarding your motorbike. We want the newest models, the newest features, the best attributes, etc. As a motorcycle devotee, I love to customise parts of my motorbike to my interest. Whenever a new model is released by the automotive industry, I already start planning how I will get my hands on parts that would give me similar features if not the same.

But, does your motorbike need that motorbike part replacement?

Why Do I Need To Be More Careful While Switching Up My Motorcycle Parts?

As we know, the automotive industry has been releasing motorbike parts along with motorbikes for a long time. However, recently ecologists and environmentalists have taken the initiative of promoting and motivating users to reuse parts instead of buying new ones. As the automotive industry is a major contributor to environmental hazards such as global warming, it is more advisable that we recycle parts and only do it when absolutely necessary.

Although you are not bound by law to do this, as a responsible citizen and inhabitant of the earth, it is appreciable if you take all steps you can to benefit and preserve the environment. This means cutting down on all the customization you do to your bike just because you feel like it or wanted to do so.

Motorcycle Parts And Signs That Indicate Your Motorbike Needs Some Maintenance

It can be tricky to determine when to change the parts of your motorcycle. Some parts need maintenance more often than others. If you are looking to buy motorbike parts, check out Double R Parts. From Motorrad Ersatzteile to Yamaha motorcycle parts, Double R Parts has got all you need! Change your motorcycle’s parts whenever you want.  However, here are some indications that point towards the requirement of a motorbike part replacement.


Motorcycle batteries usually have a shelf life of about two years. If you have not changed your batter in two years, it’s about time.

However, some motorbikes have maintenance-free batteries but they still need to be changed after two years. Nevertheless, whenever you take your bike to a workshop, make sure you get the electrolyte level of your battery checked.

Brake Pads

There is no proper indication of when you need to get your braking pads checked other than unusual grinding noises. This sound is usually created when rubble gets stuck on the back of a pad. It is very dangerous to keep riding on the bike while your braking pad is at risk, hence get it checked whenever you get your oil checked.


Tires are an essential part of your bike. The obvious signs that you need to get your tires changed are holes, punctures, rocky working, cuts, cracks, etc. It is best you get your tires changed at the sign of damage rather than going for repair as that will be a costly solution.

Bike Chains and Belts

Your bike chain and belts are strong parts of your bike and can withstand a lot of pressure. Most of the time, all you need to do is lubricate the chains and belts and you’re good to go. However, if you feel the need to lubricate very frequently, it is better to replace.

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