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Top Causes of Interruptions in Warehouses and How to Avoid Them



Top Causes of Interruptions in Warehouses and How to Avoid Them

A warehouse is a bustling workplace, which is fast-paced and has a lot of machines and
people buzzing around. These spaces rarely look relaxed, and, as you can imagine, if there
is an interruption in the flow of the warehouse, it can have a lot of knock-on effects. 

What Is a Warehouse Interruption?
If you are new to overseeing a warehouse or are looking to set up a warehouse, you may be
curious about what a warehouse interruption is. In simple terms, it is when there is a
disruption to the normal flow within the facility that can slow down operations. 
So, what are some of the leading causes, and how can you prevent warehouse interruptions?

Equipment Failing
As anyone who has worked in a warehouse will tell you, one of the leading causes of
warehouse interruptions is the breaking of machinery. This ranges from forklifts to conveyor
belts and even automated systems. So, you need to make sure that you have staff on hand
who can provide regular maintenance and ensure that there are prompt repairs when

Inventory Issues
A key reason why so many warehouses rely on automation in their inventory is to prevent
issues with inventory inaccuracy. In particular, this relates to discrepancies between the
stock in the warehouse and the recorded stock levels. This can cause inventory to build up,
leading to a decrease in space, and can result in the workers in the warehouse trying to
locate missing items or making space for excessive items, which takes up staff time and
causes delays. So, aim to have an automated system in place if possible.

Staffing Problems
In a warehouse, you need to make sure that you have adequate staffing levels and that all
staff members are highly trained and able to work effectively. You will need to make sure that
all of your staff are aware of what they need to do, as well as make sure they have
undertaken the training needed to keep the warehouse flowing as it needs to.

Supply Chain Issues
Sometimes, the issues that happen in the warehouse are not the fault of the staff or the
machinery on site. There are external factors that can have a negative impact on the flow of
a warehouse, such as delays in the supply chain, issues with the transportation of goods,
and, of course, unexpected events, such as natural disasters. Or, in the case of 2020, a
global pandemic. All of these issues can mean it takes longer for goods to get into the
warehouse and then be shipped out, which will cause an inevitable interruption in the

As odd as it sounds, where everything is located in the warehouse can have an impact on a
number of interruptions in a warehouse. If the layout is too close together, there is no room
for machinery to move around, meaning there may be a backlog of machines looking to
move items. Also, if the layout is too cluttered, your staff will not be able to move effectively,
which can increase the chances of injuries and accidents. So, keep everything as far apart
as you can and make sure there is order to the items that are stacked.

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