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A Complete Guide to Opening a Caravan Park on Your Private Land



A Complete Guide to Opening a Caravan Park on Your Private Land

Whether you have been running an entirely different kind of business for many years now and are looking for a new and exciting project to get your teeth into, or else have inherited or, indeed, bought a plot of land and are wondering what to do with it, either way, you have come to the right place.

Opening your own caravan park could not only be an exceedingly financially lucrative move forward. Still, it can also introduce you to a brand-new set of friends and renew your energy, motivation, and vigor in your daily life.

Conduct Thorough Research into the Area

Even if you have lived in the same area for the longest time, you need to apply an entirely different attitude should you consider starting a business, especially opening a caravan site.

You need to establish whether there is a demand for such a site in your local area and more specifically, if there is enough demand for your new venture to be successful.

Next, consider whether you are more interested in entering the touring caravan sector or the static holiday sector, with the latter being more pertinent should you reside in an area of natural beauty, in or around a protected natural park, or, obviously, on or near the coast.

Apply for Your Licence

There are two main reasons why you will need to apply for a site license:

  1. You are intending on using your land to open a caravan site for human habitation for either static caravans, touring caravans or pods
  2. You are intending on using your land to open a tented camping site for more than forty-two days per calendar year for either tents or trailer tents.

Consider Offering Rental Options

It may well be the case that you are intent on simply providing a place whereby private holidaymakers can pitch their own caravans on the plot. Still, if you are also interested in offering caravans for both short and long-term rental, then this requires further study.

Auto Finance Online can guide you through the entire process of being able to afford the initial, upfront investment into one or more caravans to keep on your property, so do not hesitate to give them a call with any questions you may have.

Planning Permission is Mandatory

Unless you are only looking to launch a temporary caravan or camping site (one which will only exist for less than sixty days), you are required by law to apply for planning permission from your local authority.

From there, you will be informed as to what you are required to do next, as this may simply be a case of filling in a couple of application forms, or instead, a more thorough planning guide may be in order.

You will need to check with local regulations to make sure that everything is above board, and have regular compliance inspections so you don’t run the risk of being closed down for any reason.


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