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Google Pixel Slate M3_ A Worth Buying Tablet



The Pixel Slate, also known as the Google Pixel Slate M3, is a 12.3-inch Chrome OS tablet. Also, at Made by Google conference in 2018, it got released. Google scrapped two concepts in development and said in June 2019 that it would not be expanding the product line.

In December 2020, the Pixel Slate got marked as out of inventory or no longer listed, and in January 2021, all advertisements for the device got deleted from the official store. 

Also, Google has declared that Chrome OS upgrades will continue to get delivered automatically to the Pixel Slate until June 2026.

Specifications Of Google Pixel Slate M3:

Google Pixel Slate M3
  • With a retina display touchscreen display, the Pixel Slate is a small and light tablet computer.
  • It has a Pixel density, which offers sharpness and clarity for reading. Also, Learners who want to browse The internet, take notes, and participate in online classes will benefit significantly from this gadget.
  • Its massive 8Gb Of memory and 64GB of storage as Macbook 12in M7 is ideal for daily work. 
  • Intel Core m3 also has a quick CPU and excellent multitasking capabilities.
  • The power button features an embedded fingerprint sensor for added security. Also, Both the front and back cameras have an 8MP resolution.
  • Your favorite films and movies come to life on a 12.3-inch molecular screen with 6 million pixels. Also, Dual front-firing speakers provide premium audio. 
  • Also, The Google Pixel Slate gets designed to provide excellent entertainment, portability, and all the Google features you love and work with today.
  • Even in low light, everything is visible thanks to the wide-angle lens on the Duo Cam and looks fantastic. One has the most recent features and security thanks to Pixel Slate’s background automatic upgrades. 
  • With Google Sheets and Slides, multitasking features will enable you to accomplish more.
  • On both sides of the Slate tablet, there is an 8-megapixel camera that can record video at 30 frames every second.
  • Also, an immersive experience is made possible by the Pixel Slate’s large display. 
  • Both tablet and desktop modes are Touch-Friendly Chrome OS compatible. Your favorite tunes, films, and TV shows are all available on the smartphone, along with over a million Android apps.

Features Of Google Pixel Slate M3:

  • Hardware:

The Slate m3 contains every standout feature that incredible technology ought to have. When this gadget is in laptop mode, an 8MP camera on the back of the device looks directly at you. Also, It contains a fingerprint reader, twin stereo speakers, and four far-field voice control microphones.

  • Appearance:

The thickness and weight roughly get doubled by the Slate M3 keyboard, going from 0.6 inches to 2.9 pounds. Also, the anodized aluminium body feels sturdy and long-lasting and gets manufactured. Although the margins appear to have a more excellent texture, the Google Slate’s black bars prevent the device from looking dated.

  • Port:

A unique Pogo connector on the Pixel Slate Keyboard’s bottom side links the Slate towards the keyboard. Also, Google provides a Type-C to millimetre audio converter as a workaround for the Pixel Slate’s absence of a headphone port.

  • Keyboard:

Despite Android’s superb on-screen keyboard, a tactile keyboard remains the best typing speed and precision option. When touch typing, this is also especially true. Users discovered that their MacBook Air allowed them to simultaneously type up to 80 words. Also, any portable virtual keyboard would be unable to accomplish that.

  • Storage:

Its massive 8Gb Of memory and 64GB of storage is ideal for daily work. Also, Because it uses Chrome’s operating system, its touchscreen is ideal for gaming. You can easily transport the Google Slate to college or school because it is small and lightweight.

  • Camera:

Beautiful photos are taken by a few of Google’s best camera phones ever when using one of the Pixel smartphone models. Also, The ability to add bokeh blur after snapping a picture on tablets requires using all four cameras concurrently. Though unsure how it will work in practice, we applaud Google for attempting something new.

  • Battery:

An iPad Pro or even Chromebook rivals can’t compare to the battery capacity of a device; Pixel Slate m3. Also, Battery life is comparable to other premium tablets, lasting 8 hours when used simultaneously and 5 hours when watching a movie. In an emergency, power supplies for your Pixel Slate should get brought by heavy users.

Information Chart:

Display12.3 inch
Processor8th Gen Intel Core m3 Processor
Memory8 GB
Warranty1 year


Is this a convertible tablet and laptop?

The Pixel Slate M3 is a convertible tablet and laptop with a removable keyboard shell. Also, The Pixel Slate m3 Pen and keyboard work together flawlessly. Additionally, it is compatible with third-party styluses like Intuos. There is also no need to pair or charge the device to transition between tablet and pc modes.

How much does it range in price?

Based on the model and RAM, the Google Pixel Slate M3 ranges in price from $599 to $1599. Also, The most expensive model includes 16 gigabytes of memory and 512 GB of storage, while the entry-level device costs PS499. Although it can’t completely replace a laptop, it’s still a solid option if you need a powerful tablet for work.

What are its impressive features?

The Slate M3 has superb audio and an as impressive screen. Also, It is a good performance all-around thanks to its 8GB of RAM and 8th gen Intel Core i5-8200Y processor. Despite not having an edge-to-edge display, it has a 2.5D display with curved corners.


Putting it all together, many different gadgets like Google Pixel Slate M3 are out there, and each one offers a unique combination of features and advantages. Even though different models’ battery lives vary, this one has the battery capacity.

They also get pre-installed software, so you can finish your chores without worrying about downloading new apps. Also, People purchase these products for aesthetic purposes since they convey wealth and uniqueness. 

To learn everything there is to know about this device, read about Slate m3.

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