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Khaled Chibane – A Mastermind Behind Many Technology Startups Is Ready To Launch New Projects



Owner of a technological business from Algeria, Khaled Chibane has been residing in Germany since 2016. His background in study is extremely pertinent to the technological world and demonstrates that he is a skilled mechanical engineer who earned his engineering degree from Berlin’s Beuth University. His initial journey is marked with many achievements and also includes the development of the company in Munich Germany called SCHABIO Germany Gmbh ( which he has been successfully running since 2021.

The creation of the technological business Taxicol, which has the ability to compete with more established startups like Uber, is his first and most amazing and wonderful initiative. This digital business will work to provide solutions that are both practical and beneficial while also being very accessible. He says, “The great majority of people are searching for a dependable, practical, and yet reasonably priced solution and we are in the business of fixing mass transit issues with Taxicol”.


TaxiCol – A Transportation Service In Germany and Saudi Arabia, Provides High-End Experience (

The first app is called TaxiCol, and it provides a wide range of transportation options. They can be categorized! such as standard or XL taxi service with the option of premium or female-only service. An emergency/ambulance or even a recovery vehicle can be another service. Even additional services, such as the transportation of items of all sizes, may be provided.

With his partner Saad Ali Al-Shemrani Destinations Company in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Khaled Chibane launched this app there. His next objective is to broaden the application’s usage to include Algeria, Sudan, Iraq, and Germany.

He is still working on his second project, which is an auction website that will operate in Algeria and is also a Digital Information Technology startup. Its website address is He is working on a technological project for a driving license theory app for Germany because he has lived in Germany for a while and completed his studies here.

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