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How to Fix on Kodi On Latest Version



How to Fix on Kodi On Latest Version is a popular video hosting service mainly used to host movies and TV shows to be streamed by millions of viewers. Quite recently, flashx pair has been facing issues when accessing through Kodi. Mainly issues like pop-ups preventing you from using flashx due to authorization errors. Today, you will learn how to fix this error using flashx TV pair.

There is no doubt that Kodi is one of the best platforms out there for all your entertainment needs. And one of the main reason behind this is all the free channels that one catch. However, the platform also faces unwanted interruptions, and this surely ruins the user experience of yours. But to overcome these issues, Kodi Developers have this service called flashx tv pair. And with the help of this pairing, you will be able to make your Kodi just work fine.

Once you are done with this pairing, it will make Kodi work with any kind of add-ons on a regular basis. However, getting done with the pairing is a tough task and can be confusing.

Hence, I have written a detailed guide below. But first just let’s learn more about Flashx TV Pair:

nterruptions while streaming content using Kodi add-ons is one of the common issues that most of the users face. And no one wants these in-middle interruptions. Hence to solve this issue, Kodi developers have developed this tool called Flashx tv pair.

Also, most of the users have reported different interruption issues while streaming from Open Load Pair, vshare eu pair, and Vidup pair. Hence, the tool is designed in a way to minimize all of the interruptions. The tool fixes the issue by performing certain troubleshooting actions.

The flashx TV pair method will resolve most of the issues you face while streaming through flashx tv and you can continue watching your favourite movie or TV show through flash x TV!

Simple Guide to fix  Pop Up on Kodi

  1. Launch Kodi on your device to get started with fixing flashx tv pair.
  2. Navigate to Video Add-ons from the Kodi home screen and then select one of your favourite Video add-ons you use to watch TV Shows, Movies and other content.
  3. Now you must try to watch any video from the add-on so as to reproduce the error.
  4. After selecting any title movie or tv show, choose the service hosted by flashx and select it.
  5. You will get an error in the form of a pop – up saying “To play This Video Stream Authorization Is Required.” To fix this, you must flashx pair your device IP address with
  6. To start pairing, open your web browser with the latest version and enter the url
  7. Make an account at Flash x TV by using the Sign up option.
  8. Fill in all necessary information they ask for correctly, including email and Country.
  9. After signing up, go to your email account and verify your Flash x TV account by clicking on the verification link sent.
  10. After verifying your account, login using the Sign in option and enter your credentials.
  11. Now go to and check the Verify me box and complete any captcha that might appear to prove to Flash x TV that you are not a robot.
  12. Click on the Pair Now option after you have verified that you are not a robot.
  13. You will get a pop up message on your Kodi saying the pairing was successful.

Go ahead and watch any video, TV Show or movie from without facing any issues since you are paired with their system now.

Final Words

This tutorial guide should help you fix any issues you might face with flashx tv by implementing the best solution to it, i.e., flashx tv pair. If you are still facing any errors, do comment down below and we will respond to you as quickly as possible to help you in resolving the issue. Thank you for reading and have a nice day!~

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