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How to Maintain Your Roof & Increase its Lifespan



How to Maintain Your Roof & Increase its Lifespan

Have you just had a new roof installed and want to ensure it lasts for as long as possible? Perhaps your current roof is starting to succumb to wear and tear, but you don’t want to have to splash out on a new one.

Either way, it is always a good idea to look for ways to keep your roof in tip-top condition for longer, as don’t forget, without it, your home and your family would have no shelter from the elements.

From making sure you clean away any dirt and debris regularly to calling in the professionals as soon as you notice a problem, read on to find out exactly what you need to do to maintain your roof and increase its overall lifespan.

Clean your gutters

Every season brings different debris to your roof, ultimately ending up in your gutters. Although this may not seem like a big problem, if your gutters are not clear and it starts to rain, you can end up with leaks and water damage.

You can easily clean your gutter yourself using a ladder, a brush, and a gutter-cleaning tool. Alternatively, you can enlist the services of a private gutter cleaning company to do this task for you.

Trim back any trees

If you have any trees that grow close to your home, you need to keep an eye on these, as they may start to grow over your roof and cause damage during bad weather. Long branches also provide easy access for squirrels and other critters to invade your roof and your home.

Ideally, if you notice any trees or other landscaping start to grow near your home or roof, trim them back a few feet so they won’t cause any problems during bad weather.

Check for cracks

Excessive temperatures, especially during the summer months, can wreak havoc with the shingles or tiles on your roof. In some cases, this can lead to shrinking or cracking.

Take the time to inspect your roof after each season, looking for any areas where the shingles or tiles may be missing or cracked. If you notice any damage, act quickly to prevent further issues further down the line by investing in new tiles and materials from a reputable roofing supply company.

Invest in good insulation

When was the last time you checked the insulation on your roof? Responsible for as much as a third of the heat loss from your home, a poorly insulated roof can send your heating bills through the roof (literally!).

For best results, hire a professional to take a look at your current insulation and install any extras needed, as good roof insulation should last as long as 40 years and can help keep your home at a comfortable temperature all year round.

Book a roof inspection

One of the most important roof maintenance tips is to book an annual roof inspection. Although there are plenty of jobs you can carry out as a homeowner to keep your roof in good condition, some tasks require the experience and expertise of a professional roofer.

As mentioned above, you should book a roof inspection at least once a year or after a particularly bad bout of weather, such as a storm.

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