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KickAssAnime: A Worth Watching Anime Season



If you are fond of watching Anime then you will be familiar with the platform called KickAssAnime. Animes are animated films produced in Japan. This platform has been really popular among the masses as a free site to provide almost every genre of Anime. 

For instance, comedy, sports, science fiction, and drama. KickAssAnime provides HD quality from 240p to 1080p. Many visitors used to watch a variety of stuff including all episodes for free on KickAssAnime. 

One of the biggest reasons for KickAssAnime to become this famous was the dubbed content they provide. One could also request the Animes which were not available on the website. It was considered very user-friendly. 

Unfortunately, the KickAssAnime Anime and other sites related to it are removed a few years ago. Even though KickAssAnime is not available the audience of Anime has been shifted to KickAss proxy and alternatives to KickAssAnime. 

Why is KickAss Anime so popular? 

Other than the common reasons to be popular among users KickAss Anime is famous because it is a site that updates regularly. It provides the user with up-to-date content. KickAss Anime is also famous because along with the content it provides subtitles like any legal site. 

Other than that, it provides an android user to have a downloaded website of KickAss Anime and stream over it. Lastly, it provides endless hours of streaming and for the users of KickAss Anime’s app, it provides uninterrupted streaming without any advertisements and notifications. 

Is KickAss Anime Safe? 

As KickAss Anime has had a fine record in the past years. Users of KickAssAnime have never complained about any ambiguity or difficulty. Thus, it is considered to be a site with a good reputation. 

However, people have reported that it used to download videos and files automatically which is a problem with almost every site like this. One should never accept this type of notification. 

kickass anime

KickAssAnime Alternatives: 

Here is a breakdown of different websites that provide such content as KickAssAnime is now not accessible.  

Naruto Get: 

Naruto Get can be considered one of the best alternatives to KickAss Anime. This website not only provides the opportunity to watch films but you can also read Manga. Other than that, like KickAssAnime it also provides dubbed content. 

Anime Rhino: 

Anime Rhino has an immense number of content available on the site. Despite having several films there is an advantage to this site that is it doesn’t provide smooth usage. As many advertisements interrupt the user’s screen while streaming the content. 


Other than KickAssAnime Netflix started to provide Anime since few years. It is quite pleasing that many users have started using Anime on Netflix as it provides entertainment with absolutely amazing quality. One can download the episodes within the app. The interesting fact about Netflix is that it has now started to produce its anime content on a wide range. Netflix can beat almost every other anime site on the internet. The reason for it being the best is that it is not a free site to watch rather one has to pay for a Netflix subscription every month. 


Masterani is yet another anime website one can look for as it provides a wide range of catalogues. However, it has a disadvantage in that the streaming might be disturbed while streaming. 


AnimeLand as the name suggests is another alternative to KickAssAnime in the row. It provides its users with an immensely wide range of anime series, anime movies, and documentaries. This site has a simple UI that provides a very simple layout to use for everyone. Other than that, it provides advanced features for searching. It also covers almost every genre of Anime. 


Crunchyroll is another famous alternative for anime watchers. Visitors have praised Crunchyroll so much. The reason for its popularity is its straightforward interface. 

Other than that, it is divided into different categories of shows, manga, news, series, films, and premium KickAss Torrents. Crunchyroll provides premium offers to users for advanced features. Overall, it can be enlisted in the list of best sites to watch anime. 


Is KickAss Anime legal? 

KickAss Anime and websites like these are illegal in some countries which is why KickAsss discontinued in many countries. When a website is illegal streaming; it can be risky. Hence, users are directed to use VPN to hide their identity while streaming KickAss Anime and the websites like these. 

How to access KickAss Anime? 

KickAss Anime can be accessed through the internet using a computer, desktop, or mobile phone. As soon as you open the website it will provide you with a layout that is easily accessible. There are different categories of anime provided under that particular option from which you can choose your favourit show. 

What happens to KickAss Anime? 

KickAss Anime as the name suggests has been so much popular among anime watchers. It has a regular number of visitors who watch on monthly basis. In the past few years, many website users have experienced the website becoming down at some points. 

They’re come times when the page stability is not well. Other than that, keeping in view the legality many countries have prohibited it. Sometimes ISP of a particular country may prevent KickAss Anime to run. One can remove those by using different sites. 


In concussion, the Anime has been popular among kids and adults as well. People watch anime on platforms like KickAssAnime. KickAssAnime gained fame because it used to provide smooth watch time without any advertisements within the shows. 

This website was free and easy to use with a wide range of anime shows, movies, and more. It all went bad when it stopped working. Since then, people started to use alternatives to KickAssAnimes. 

Now many websites have started to offer a wide range of anime content. Other than that, platforms like Netflix have started to provide their Anime content. One thing Anime fans must know is that these websites may be a fine alternative to KickAss Anime but they come with their disadvantages at some points. 

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