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KickAss Torrents (KAT) Sites in December 2022



People love to watch movies and other visual media products whenever they want entertainment. After all, Kickass torrents is  the best medium for them to spend their free time but these visual products like movies, music, and entertainment shows used to come out at a price. Companies used CDs, and DVDs to sell their movies but as soon as the internet became popular many companies started to distribute them legally to a massive audience. However, it all disrupted when people started to distribute it illegally by using torrents.  Here is the breakdown for what torrenting is and how it is used around the world.

What is Kickass torrents: 

By using torrent one can download a file by using the torrenting platform. In this way, the file already downloaded on one’s computer can be downloaded on yours too. 


The History of Kickass Torrents: 

With the increase in renowned internet different illegal companies started to provide almost every visual medium through Bit-torrent protocol. Usage of Kickass Torrents started in 2008. It was so easy to use and almost everything was available on this platform hence it got the masses attention and grew popular. The owners of Kickass torrent began to make millions of dollars out of it. When the government came to know about this they gained as much information about it as possible they decided to seize kickass torrents in 2016 and eventually the owner of Kickass Torrents was also arrested. However, this website still made its way to provide its users the content through different domains. 

How Does Kickass Torrents Work: 

Torrents don’t use centralized data however; it uses a peer-to-peer system. In this type of system, there is no space where the data is stored however, it is stored in computers with which the data is shared. Torrents make themselves undefeatable because if a computer uploads a file, they are also downloading it hence it becomes nearly impossible to take over torrents. These torrents make themselves strong because if the websites are taken down still the computers have the whole file downloaded which can be shared with their peer computers. Kickass Torrents don’t provide links like other websites however, they provide a torrent link to download certain files. These links upload as well as download the file and in consequence, they are easy to share without even the torrent platform. 

How Does Kickass Torrents Work

Is Torrenting Legal? 

Torrenting falls in the grey area of the law because the owner of Kickass Torrent is free in Poland however, he is restricted to certain things like leaving the country. There is an explanation for it that if a violation against copyrighted media is done through it then it gets illegal. Apart from that if non-copyrighted media is shared from computer to computer then it’s completely legal for the owners to do so.  

How Does a User Gets Caught Torrenting: 

A user can get caught torrenting through their network providers. In case the network providers catch that their user is using a torrent website. It becomes up to him whether he is going to take legal action against him or not. They can guide them as well as they can restrict them from the internet service they are using.  

How do Users Hide from their Internet Provider? 

Some people don’t know that despite having restrictions and fear of getting caught. Some users tend to hide their identities to save themselves from their service providers. These users use a virtual private network known as a VPN to hide their doings. In this way they make their service provider see a different geographical space than where they belong. This makes it hard for the service providers or even the legal authorities to find out whether they are torrenting or not. 

Where are Kickass Torrents Currently Hosted: 

As explained earlier Kickass torrents are hard to catch due to decentralized storage. The torrents got banned all over the world. The authorities took down all the providers hosting torrent links or magnet links. Kickass Torrents keep on changing their domains to cater to this situation. The owners of the torrents change the domains almost regularly and as consequence, they operate safely. 



On the last note, as we all know it takes a cost to buy a visual medium which has the biggest demand in this age. Nevertheless, things got easier for the masses with the invention of the internet. Now people could access their favorite movies, music, and other shows through torrents. As authorities got to know it is illegal at some points, they banned this platform however, people still use it through VPN. 


Where can I find Kickass torrents?

One can find Kickass torrents with its new website. However, they are available on the following platforms,,, and 

Why did Kickass torrents shut down? 

Kickass torrents were shut down because of his owner who tends to spread millions of copies of movies and different software all around the world. Its owner Artem Vaulin got arrested in Poland because of this illegal act. 

What is the official Kickass site? 

The official Kickass site used for this torrent is KAT Kick Ass Torrents. This website provides torrent and magnet links to its users. It uses the Bit-torrent protocol. 

What does leech mean in torrenting? 

There are two kinds one is the seed and the other leech. A seed is the peer computer that owns the media file. He is a user of Bit Torrent. Leech is a computer that accepts the file from its peer. This computer is not a user of Bit Torrent however, it only works as an accepter. 

Can you go to jail for torrenting? 

If anyone gets caught while torrenting there is a very low chance for him to go to jail for that purpose. Normally, anyone who gets caught is fined over torrenting and it doesn’t go really serious in this case. It usually depends on the service provider whether he takes legal serious action or he just wants them to give a fine.