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Latest Low Cost Building Material for Homes



Building a home isn’t cheap, but there are new, low-cost materials available for building. These materials are becoming more common these days as new construction technologies streamline the construction process. Newer constructions also tend to be more energy-efficient, saving homeowners money on energy bills and transportation costs. Plus, newer constructions can even be made of recycled materials, saving even more money in the long run. But how can you choose the best building material?

Mycelium is a low cost building material

Mycelium is a natural building material that is biodegradable and can be made into a wide variety of products. Unlike traditional materials, mycelium is biodegradable and can be turned into a compostable substance. It is a great way to build a sustainable home without using fossil fuels and is also a good choice for insulation, too. Its strengFth and durability are comparable to other materials, including concrete and wood. It is also a good way to prevent termites from destroying your home, since mycelium is naturally resistant to the harmful effects of chemicals found in common building materials.


LVL is a high-performance alternative to solid lumber

LVL is a wood-based product with a variety of benefits over solid lumber. Its low cost, homogeneous quality, and low degree of defect make it a preferred alternative to solid lumber. Because it can be manufactured in a variety of shapes, LVL’s mechanical properties are predictable, and it uses resources efficiently. This makes it an excellent choice for many types of construction projects.

solid lumber

Steel is the most recycled building material

Aside from being a cost-effective material, steel is also a sustainable material. Most steel products are recycled, and some are even 90% recycled. As a result, steel can be used to produce new products while preserving resources. And, unlike other building materials, steel has a long lifecycle. In fact, a single steel beam can last for more than six times as long as a new one! That means a 2,000 square foot, two story house could be built from the scrap steel of six cars. In contrast, to build a similar size home using wood, this would require a forest almost as large as your house.

Recycled plastic

Recycled plastic has been gaining momentum as a building material for homes, and researchers have already started producing buildings from it. In Canada, JD Composites has already produced two houses using recycled plastic, along with patios and storage facilities for a fishing factory. The company plans to build more than 50 houses next year and hopes to expand its business to the east coast of the US. Another startup, Conceptos Plasticos, uses recycled plastic waste to build houses in Colombia and the Ivory Coast. The company hopes to tackle the growing plastic crisis in both countries by utilizing recycled plastic waste to construct homes.

Recycled plastic

Concrete sheeting is the cheapest building material

Concrete sheeting is a cheap and easy to work with building material. The cost per square foot is quite low and the resulting structure is super stable. This inexpensive material is also fireproof and water-resistant. Its other advantages include its durability, sound suppression, and insulation properties. Compared to traditional stone-clad homes, concrete sheets cost a fraction of the cost of stone, which is why it’s a good choice for homes with a budget.

Hemp is an eco-friendly building material

Compared to conventional building materials, hemp is a better choice for homes. It is breathable, mold and pest resistant, and naturally fire retardant. Hemp building materials can be made into prefab plants, eliminating the need for costly, onsite manufacturing. In addition, they are highly resistant to UV light, which decreases the risk of fire. As a bonus, they also save money on air conditioning costs.

Shipping containers are a cheap building material

If you are considering building a home with shipping containers, you may wonder if they are a good option for your home construction. There are many advantages to using these containers, from their cheap price to their adaptability. They are also great for storage space. You can use the containers for storage, office space, and even for storing hazardous goods. However, you should be careful when purchasing used containers, since they may still contain remnants of the goods they carried. Make sure to thoroughly inspect the shipping container, or go for a brand new one.

Shipping containers

Reclaimed timber is a good building material

Reclaimed timber is one of the most common low-cost building materials. It is an environmentally friendly building material, and can also be very stylish. The timber is usually older than new timber, so it is less likely to warp and is also more durable. Depending on the species, reclaimed timber can be a challenge to work with during construction. Nevertheless, if you’re willing to accept that the pieces will be irregularly shaped, reclaimed timber is a great low-cost building material for your home.

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