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Meet Pakistani young digital entrepreneur Shakir Durrani



Meet Pakistani young digital entrepreneur Shakir Durrani

Shakir Durrani was born on April 15, 2002 in Karachi, Pakistan. Shakir Durrani is a Pakistani businessman and digital marketer. He received his early education from TCF School. They are also counted in the digital marketer. He is a Entrepreneur and digital influencer, with over 5 years of experience in digital marketing. He used his intelligence and skills to learn a lot in the world of internet.

Throughout his journey to success, he has endured all sorts of criticism and disapproval from people as casually as possible, Shakir durrani worked in difficult conditions. Despite many obstacles, they continued their work, and began their work as freelancers. He also helped many people. Participated in the happiness of others. Shakir durrani is deeply etched in everyone’s mind.

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Shakir Durrani and his businesses own several social media pages which extend their reach to millions of audiences all around the world. Now that we know who Shakir Durrani is, let’s see how he became what he is today. Here’s a few questions he answered for us:

How did you learn digital marketing?

Shakir Durrani: I learned digital marketing techniques through tutorials found on Youtube. There was no one around me who had the knowledge pertaining to this field so my only option was to go online and school myself.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned?

Shakir Durrani: I’ve learned a lot since I started doing this. Here’s a few things I faced myself and would hopefully serve as a warning for up and comers.

1. Hiring and firing – One thing I’ve learned about recruitment is to make decisions quickly and decisively. If you like someone in an interview, hire them, but if they fail to perform don’t hesitate to fire. I know no one likes to fire people, but my tendency to procrastinate firing underperforming individuals cost my business. It’s simple, if your employees don’t do their job, you will never be able to deliver your product.

2. Contracts, agreements and legalities – When it comes to legal matters or collaborations with other individuals/companies, always make sure to have a written copy of any agreements/deals you make or seek. People can backtrack from their promises if you don’t have written proof. Be prepared and have a few backup plans.

3. Thinking outside the box – The last thing that comes to mind is this advice a renowned entrepreneur gave me once: “Always keep an open mind and always be willing to consider anything within reason. This will give you an edge over the bunch who think about societal opinions too much”.

How long does it take to learn marketing?

Shakir Durrani: Let’s make one thing clear first: Marketing is not rocket science, not even close. Anyone can learn enough to start with proper time and effort. The field of marketing is ever evolving and constantly changing as people change and their preferences change. Due to this reason the algorithms used for ranking/marketing on the web also change regularly. You just have to learn to stay updated with news and new features. With new features and techniques being uncovered regularly, these updates make the job easier most of the times.

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