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David Marchant and OffshoreAlert: is it credible?



David Marchant and OffshoreAlert: is it credible?

David Marchant and his website, OffshoreAlert, have been the subject of controversy in recent times. Marchant, a self-proclaimed investigative journalist, has made a name for himself using OffshoreAlert as a platform for his supposed whistle-blowing efforts. However, many have raised concerns about the ethical practices of David Marchant and his website. 

According to various reports, including one from, it highlights several disturbing allegations against the journalist, including claims of blackmailing public figures in exchange for cash, manipulating the individuals he reports on, and not providing enough time for them to respond to his accusations. 

In 2017, Marchant was found guilty of libel “I will mention one further matter which is that it is apparent that the defendant intends to continue to publish the allegations complained of on his website and it would appear that reputational and financial harm is likely to continue in the future.”

The Judge further stated; “Any award of general damages should be sufficient to enable the claimant to counter the defendant’s campaign and show beyond argument to those who operate in their area of business that the allegations against them are baseless.”

Marchant has been accused of threatening to publish negative articles about individuals unless they paid him large amounts of money. Some have claimed that he even threatened to ruin their reputations and careers. The accusations have led to serious concerns about the state of journalism and the importance of maintaining ethical standards.

Additionally, Marchant’s website has been criticized for its sensational headlines and for publishing articles that lack journalistic integrity. Some have accused Marchant of using OffshoreAlert as a means to generate cash rather than as a platform for serious journalism.

Another aspect of Marchant’s practices that has come under scrutiny is the fact that he has been sued numerous times for defamation and reports indicate that he has been able to escape legal proceedings by moving to Miami, where he can write freely under the “free speech” legislation in the United States. This raises questions about the accountability of journalists and the measures that should be taken to ensure that they adhere to ethical standards.

The accusations against Marchant have also raised questions about the credibility of OffshoreAlert. While the website purports to be an investigative news outlet, it has been criticized for its sensational headlines and lack of journalistic integrity and one can only access the website by paying subscription, which raises the question as to what else is pay-to-play? 

This also raises concerns about the information being published on the site and the impact it may have on the individuals and organizations being reported on.

The concerns raised about the practices of David Marchant and OffshoreAlert are serious and warrant further investigation. The allegations of blackmail, manipulation, and unethical journalism practices raise questions about the validity of the information being published and the impact it may have on the individuals and organizations being reported on. It is imperative that the journalism industry takes appropriate action to ensure that journalists adhere to ethical standards and that their reporting is credible, fair, and accurate.

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