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Web3 Mobile Game Bring Millions of Users to Blockchain



Web3 Mobile Games Bring Millions of Users to Blockchain

With our monthly Dapp trends articles, DappRadar can help if you’re looking for the blockchain equivalent of the next Spotify, Google or Amazon. It is vital to understand which blockchain projects, gaming projects, financial decentralized applications and NFT initiatives are creating value and attracting an audience for the right reasons, given the abundance of activity in numerous categories and verticals.

On the road to widespread acceptance of blockchain technology, NFT-integrated cryptocurrency games that solve the problem of user adoption will be critical. Dapps games like Gameta, Benji Bananas, Upland, and Trickshot Blitz allow anyone with a mobile game device to earn cryptocurrency with minimal training, risk, or investment.

Flex Blockchain technology in games
Blockchain games are helping to bring millions of people to Web3 through casual games, just like the DeFi summer brought us more sophisticated financial and productivity mechanisms and opened up decentralized finance to the masses.

Any blockchain game that wants to attract users, and more importantly, get them to play, needs to have fast and affordable microtransactions, incredibly fast loading times, a robust tokenomic engine, and an elegant user interface. What’s even more intriguing is how games are experimenting with new frontiers of blockchain technology, such as native marketplaces and in-game chat, and moving to mobile game first.

The best news: Three altcoins are out of sight and about to explode, says Popular Trader.

The adage “miss the bear and run the bull” is another factor driving the rise in popularity of blockchain games. At this point, it is clear that buying cryptocurrency and other investments in a bad market will pay off in a bull market. It seems that gamers have gravitated towards a familiar Web3 entry point: the environment. Eighty percent of the top ten blockchain games have mobile game apps, confirming the trend.

It’s not all money
The fact that casual mobile games appeal to gamers trying to have fun with fun mechanics is an important nuance to this discussion. Dependency on the game is affected by noise, graphics and ease of passing the level. The real trick is winning. However, players who hail from the cryptosphere know both sides.

Solitaire Blitz and Trickshot Blitz are two games that have recently gained popularity on the Near blockchain. Created by Joyride Games, these two games reward players with RLY tokens that can be redeemed for cash. They are available on iOS and Android and are designed specifically for mobile devices. Over the past 30 days, they have been responsible for over 750,000 active users of blockchain games.

Another example is the transformation of the popular APE coin, which is exclusive to the Yuga Labs and Bored Ape ecosystem, from a free mobile game Benji Bananas to a win game.

In addition, the game mechanics are familiar and widely used and do not present significant language difficulties. While the PVP party is motivated by complex mechanics and the will to win, Benji Bananas is an endless runner. Solitaire is perhaps the most proven game mechanic in the world.

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