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8 Best Xbox Emulators For PC 2021 With Reviews



8 Best Xbox Emulators For PC 2021 With Reviews

Xbox Emulators: As far as gaming is concerned, Xbox and PlayStation are hands down winner with hard to beat the gaming experience of both of these gaming consoles. They got large numbers of games and excellent graphics.

And we VintayTime are here to give you good news for all PC users like myself!

You can now enjoy many Xbox, PlayStation games on your PC just by installing any Emulator software, its that easy.

So in this article, we have generated a list of Xbox emulators for PC users so they can enjoy many Xbox games, all Free.

Before finding Xbox Emulators lists, Lets find out features and requirements that are necessary to experience any Xbox games without encountering problems.

What are Xbox Emulators?

Xbox emulators are simply computer program software that can be installed on your PC or Smartphones (app in case of phone). This software emulates as any Xbox and you can play such Xbox applications, games on your PC or smartphones without having an Xbox.

Why Use Xbox Emulators?

The answer is obvious and very simple, many PC users can’t afford consoles like Xbox or PlayStation but they want to feel the gaming experience of Xbox and PlayStation consoles as many awesome games are available in these both platforms. So they can experience it by installing Xbox Emulators on their PC.

Another use of emulators is, both Xbox and PlayStation have enormous numbers of games people can enjoy.

Pros And Cons of Using Xbox One Emulator


Free – As the Emulators are available free of cost on the internet, you do not need to buy Xbox One. As mentioned above, simply install Xbox emulators on your Windows PC and enjoy the Xbox gaming experience.
Best Audio – With excellent HD experience that these Xbox emulators provide, Xbox One Emulators can deliver Awesome Audio Effects.
Full HD experience – These Xbox Emulators are capable of providing a Full High-Definition gaming experience that ultimately makes any users feel that they are using  real Xbox device.


Slow hence may not be that fun – It’s for sure that if you are using any Emulators instead of an original device, then you will face some slowness in overall performances.
Your device can quickly heat up because Emulators are software, not the hardware, it will heat up your machine as you use it.

8 Best Xbox Emulators With Download Links

Emulator NameOperating SystemLatest VersionDownload Link
VR BOX 360 EmulatorWindows1.05Download VR Xbox
Xenia EmulatorWindowsNADownload Xenia
DXBX EmulatorWindows0.5Download DXBX
Xeon EmulatorWindows; DOS1.0Download Xeon
CXBX EmulatorWindow0.79Download CXBX
XQEMU EmulatorWindowsNADownload XQEMU Emulator
EX360E Xbox 360 EmulatorWindowsNADownload EX360E Xbox 360
PCSX2 EmulatorWindowNADownload PCSX2

1. VR Xbox 360 Emulator

CLICK Button To WatchVR XBOX 360 Emulator

VR Xbox one is the best Xbox emulator that can run Xbox 360 games inside windows environment. You can experience many games at 25-30 FPS (average) with game save and load feature.

The exciting feature about VR Xbox one is its compatibility. It is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 & other editions. You can use it on both X86 and X64 architecture.

System Requirements:

VR Xbox one works with minimal system configuration. For the smooth running of games, any Core 2 Duo or higher rated CPU is enough.

And for Graphic card requirements, any Graphic cards released after 2008 that supports DirectX9 will work.

The latest version of VR box One program is version 1.05 which was the last update on 2018.

You can download File from the buttons available below. DownLoad VR XBOX 360

2. Xenia Emulator

xbox Xenia Emulator

Xenia, our number 2 choice is an open-source Xbox emulator that was launched back in 2018. It was one of the early birds that made it possible to emulate Xbox games on Personal Desktop Computers.

Anybody can enjoy Xbox 360 games seamlessly by installing Xenia on Windows Operating System PC. For now, Xenia is only available on Windows OS but soon, you can expect it on Linux OS as well.

As per the information available on Wikipedia, Xenia supports 90 Xbox 360 games without having any compatibility issues.

System Requirements For Xenia Emulator:

  • Window 7 & and Later
  • 64-Bit x86 Processor Supporting AVX
  • Vulkan Compatible GPU
  • Xinput Compatible Controllers9 (Optional)

Xenia Project Details:

Project NameXenia
DevelopersBen Vanik; Justin Moore; Rick; Triang3l
Project Released Year2018
Operating SystemWindow 8 or later
Platformx86-64 with AVX
Official WebsiteXenia

DownLoad XENIA Emulator

3. DXBX Emulator

Xbox 360 Emulators

DXBX is another famous Xbox emulator which emulates Xbox 360 games with ease. It was released back in 2010 and after that, only a few updates were seen. As per the official site, the latest version available for download is version 0.5.

DXBX Emulator can be installed on 32 bit MS Windows and it is compatible with Windows (NT/2000/XP) and with latest window versions.

Minimum System Requirements:

As per the data available on the official website minimum system requirement are as follows:

ComponentsMinimum Requirements
ProcessorIntel Pentium III 700MHz
Memory256 MB
Graphic CardNVIDIA GeForce 3/Ti: ATI Radeon 8500
ControllerKeyboard: Xbox 360 Controller for Windows

DownLoad DXBX Emulator

4. Xeon Emulator

Xbox Emulator on pc

Xeon is top-rated Xbox Emulator for PC that can emulate Xbox games effortlessly. It supports various games of Xbox 360 and Xbox One too.

The best thing about Xeon is its compatibility with all the windows operating systems. Along with that, it supports DOS too (But no one uses DOS now).
Xeon emulator came with backup creator feature that can be used to save your game progress.

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