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All About Update On Dmx Lifestyle, Death, Dmx Son Died, Dmx New Wife



Earl Simmons who is widely known as Dmx was a legendary hip-hop artist who died on 9th April 2021 at the age of 50. Dmx was known for his rapping as he introduced himself as a rapper at the age of 14. 

He gained fame from his very first album “It’s dark and Hell is hot” Dmx got into the influence of cocaine when he triggered a heart attack a week before his demise. Nevertheless, he was taken to the hospital where he spent a week unconscious in a coma and died.

An Update On Dmx’s Life:

In his life, Dmx had gone to jail several times for being under the influence while driving, animal abuse, stealing a dog, and other factors. The jail was the first place where he thought he should write something. 

Other than that, after his death, his family was with him, however, in his life he had 15 children from multiple women. He had an immensely successful career in his life where he had sold 74 million albums. 

However, when he died, he left behind an estate and a debt that sometime after his death was administered by his children. Now as the rapper rests in his grave his family is probably fighting with each other to have his royalties. 

Dmx Last Words: 

His ex-wife Tashera shared a very deep bond with his ex-wife Tashera where they used to have some deep talks. After his death, Tashera revealed last words in a podcast. She said they used to have some different sort of conversation just a few days before his death. 

According to her, how devastated was his family without him and how now Tashera understands his last words. Tashera said that the reason why she met him was to encourage him to offer his duties as a father. When he said, ‘Tashera, you know I’m here only for the world. 

This is what God has created me to be. I’m a vessel for the world.” To these lines, she asked him what do you mean by that and he replied: “Tashera, my words have always fallen on deaf ears and God put me here for the world, so my voice will be stronger when I’m gone.”

Dmx Death: 

The fact that Dmx did not have blood circulation to his brain for straight thirty minutes which caused a cardiac arrest and death of Dmx just after a week of being in the hospital. He died in Westchester County. 

Dmx’s cause of death was an acute amount of cocaine dose in a series of events that caused a drug overdose in his body. Even his urine had signs of cocaine in them. The doctors said he died as soon as he had zero oxygen supply for a long time but of course, he was on a ventilator for several days. 

Dmx Son Died: 

Where there have been rumours that the Dmx son died there is his fiancée, the mother of a five-year-old boy Exodus who says that the son of has to visit a doctor so often because he has stage 3 chronic kidney disease. 

She told this in a podcast which she also posted on her Instagram to bring awareness to the people. Furthermore, the ones who have this disease can fall prey to diabetes and other diseases. 

In addition, she updated her Instagram on the National day for awareness for chronic kidney disease. Lindstrom also said that his baby is doing fine now as she is keeping his potassium levels low but he still has this disease. 

Dmx Family: 

In the Dmx family, there were a total of 15 children from 11 women. However, he married his childhood friend Tashera for 11 years and had four children with her. 

These children were named Xavier, Tacoma, Praise Marry Elia, and Sean. After they got separated, they remained friends and they would meet because of their children. 

However, Dmx wasn’t present in his family just like his own father. Having other bad habits also used to have some extra marital affairs which yielded many children. In 2016 Tashera had to sue him for Rs $10,000 per month as a child support payment. 

Dmx New Wife: 

He was not married when he died although he got engaged with Desiree Lindstrom whom he had a son with. It is said that he proposed to her on the birthday of his son and they got engaged. People consider her as Dmx new wife but she is not.

Dmx Funeral: 

There was a huge funeral after his demise following a monster truck with a lot of motorcycles ateez. It was written on the truck “Long Live DMX” 


Is Dmx gone? 

Many don’t consider it till date but the legendary rapper who made Ruff Ryders a powerhouse has died on April 9, 2021. 

How much is Dmx worth right now? 

Dmx despite being one of the most successful artists of all time had a net worth of $-1 million at the time of his demise. However, his fiancés and his wife never enjoyed the perks of being his wife or fiancé. 

Where did Dmx live when he died? 

lived in South Carolina when he died. However, he also lived in a house in Upstate for several months. 

How much was Dmx in Debt? 

He was gone bankrupt in 2013 when he filed a case for bankruptcy. He had an estimate of $50,000 where he had to pay a debt of $1 million to $10 million.


In sum, the Dmx was known to be a legendary artist in the field of rapping music. He gave this world a huge number of albums that they cherish till date. got fame on his first album which proceeded to have one after the other. 

This helped him reach the peak of his career. By selling 74 million albums he had a huge amount of earnings but still, he got a debt to pay when he died. After his demise, his huge family is still fighting to have his estate. 

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