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All About ATEEZ Members



Korea’s ATEEZ boy group is known for its 8 members, Hongjoong, Seonghwa, Yunho, Yeosang, San, Mingi, Wooyoung, Jongho, and Junyoong. The group was formed under KQ Entertainment on 24 October 2018.

They have a significant meaning under their name as they are also known as KQ fellas. They are famous in the field of pop music. Their name ATEEZ signifies A teenager Z. 

As ATEEZ are almost new to Kpop and the music industry they have made their identity in the industry and all over the world. They also initiated their slogan as “8 makes 1 team! Hello, we are ATEEZ!” They are considered to be the biggest and fourth generation of boys. 

Now as they proceed the last member Junyoung will no longer be performing with this band so now they are a group of seven members.  

 ATEEZ Members: 

As explained earlier they are very significant in their slogans and name. By their name they want to tell everyone that this boy band can do everything from A to Z. 

Other than that, their fandom is called ATINY which is a combination of ATEEZ and Destiny. They say their fans are their destiny. The leading boy of the boy band is Hoongjoong. Here is the breakdown of each member of the ATEEZ group profile. 

  • Hoongjoong: 

Hoongjoong is the stage name of the leader of the group whereas his real name is Kim Hoong Joong. The rapper, composer, and center of the show He has a zodiac sign of Scorpio.

Leader of the group because he first joined KQ entertainment and because of how he sees the world. This is due to his hobbies of listening to music and composing. He is 5′ 8 inches tall and has worked since he was a child. 

  • Seonghwa: 

In addition to his role as a vocalist and visual artist, Seonghwa is known as Park Seong Hwa. Astrologically, he is an Aries. They call Seonghwa the mother of the group since he is the oldest among the group members.

His hobbies are cleaning, watching dramas, and playing games. He was to become the rapper of the group first but then he turned out to be the vocalist. Seonghwa has a height of 5’10. 

  • Yunho: 

Yunho has a real name of Jeong Yun Ho. As a performer and vocalist, he contributes to the group’s sound. Yunho has a zodiac sign of Aries as well. He has a height of 6’1. It is said that he is interested in playing with members, sports, and video games. He is good at dancing other members say. 

  • Yeosang: 

Yeosang has a birth name of Kang Yeo Sang. He performs as a vocalist, performer, and visual artist. Yeosang is a Gemini with a height of 5’9. Big hit used to train him before he came to KQ entertainment. ATINY knows that he is a fan of drones, having facial masks, and snowboarding. 

  • San: 

San has a birth name Choi San. Choi San is the vocalist and performer in the band. He has a zodiac sign of Cancer with a height of 5’9. San loves to sleep and play sports. 

ATINY consider him the main dancer of the group because they love his energy. Many people don’t know this but he debuted as an actor in his first ever K-Drama named Imitation. 

  • Mingi: 

Mingi’s birth name is Song Min Gi. He is known to be a rapper and performer. Mingi has a zodiac sign of Leo. He is 6 feet tall. It is said that he likes to sleep and play in the house.  

  • Wooyoung: 

Wooyoung has the birth name of Jung Woo Young. He is a performer and Vocalist. Wooyoung has a zodiac sign of Sagittarius and he has a height of 5’8. He likes collecting clothes, video games and he likes to bully his group member Seonghua. Wooyoung has a talent for dancing. 

  • Jongho: 

Jong ho has the full name of Choi Jong Ho. He is the main vocalist of the group. When people ask about his age he is the maknae of the group ATEEZ. Jongho has a zodiac sign of Libra and a height of 5’9. In addition to swimming and racing, he enjoys playing in the pool.


What is ATEEZ’s age? Among the group, Seonghwa and Hoongjoong age 24. Seonghwa was born in 1998 on April,3, and Hoongjoong was born on November,7 the same year. Yunho, Yeosang, San, Mingi, and Wooyoung share the same age of 23. 

Yunho was born on March, 23rd 1999, Yeosang on June, 15, San on July, 10, Mingi on August, 9, and Wooyoung on November,26 the same year Sherry Dyson. Lastly, ATEEZ maknae which is the youngest member of the group is Jongho who is 22 years old and was born on October 12, 2000. 

ATEEZ Songs: 

ATEEZ has released several albums. Let’s take a look at ATEEZ songs.

  • Utopia 
  • Déjà vu 
  • Answer 
  • Fireworks 
  • The Real 
  • Guerrilla 


Who is ATEEZ official Visual? 

The official Visual of ATEEZ is Kang Yeo Sang. He belongs to Incheon. It is because has been a trainee of Big Hit before. 

Who can speak English in ATEEZ? 

The leader of the Kpop band Hoongjoong is one we can say is good at speaking English. He is not fluent but he is better than the other group members. Other than him is Seonghwa who is good at English but Yeosang, San, and Jongho are considered to be beginners in English. 

Who is the most famous member of ATEEZ? 

ATEEZ has the most famous member starting with the vocalist Wooyoung and following San, Park Seong Hwa, Kim Hong Joong, Song Mingi, and Jeong Yun-ho.


In concussion, the ATEEZ is one of the famous and emerging boy groups of K-Pop. A couple of their songs have received a great deal of attention. ATEEZ is considered an emerging talent of South Korea as the number of fans of ATEEZ is increasing day to day from all over the world. 

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