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Is Post Malone Gay: Relationships With Men And His Girlfriend



Known for his talents as a rapper who got immensely famous in 2015 with almost 10 Billboard Music Awards. Post Malone has been nominated for the Grammy’s five times. 

Having a great career with huge fame where his songs have been a part of the top Billboard charts people question his sexuality. It is widely believed that Is Post Malone Gay. Nevertheless, a very smaller number of people know about his sexuality. 

However, the truth is it all started when it was rumoured by the people that he should go to the Queer Eye, a show where a couple of gay designers dress up the queer people, the way they want to dress and look like. This show mainly supports LGBTQ. 

Since people started to insist, him to be there everyone asked why is everyone asking him to go there. Did he ask the show himself to invite him? 

Is Post Malone Gay: Rumors or Reality

Evidence does not exist that Is Post Malone Gay. He has a daughter, and in the past, he has had a couple of girlfriends. It was also rumored that he was dating a South Korean actress named MLMA back in 2021. Post Malone clarified that he never asked that show to invite him. He always kept his private life private from his fans. 

Post Malone Net Worth: 

It is well known that Post Malone has a unique way of rapping. The way he is known for genre-bending singing is remarkable. This is what made him what he is because he experiments with different sorts of genres. His net worth is $45 million. Although he started in 2013 then he gained fame after his album named “White Iverson” which was released in 2015. 

He blended different genres of music like Hip Hop, Pop, and R&B. In his whole career till now, he has released just four albums and got all of them successful. After 2015 he never stopped and now his net worth has reached $45 to $50 million.  Post Malone in 2022 owes the same net worth as before.

Malone Gay

Post Malone Songs: 

As mentioned above he got famous after his 2015 album White Iversion however, he also released an album called Mood and Magic nevertheless, which wasn’t that famous. Here is a list of Post Malone’s songs 

  • Sunflower 
  • A thousand Bad times 
  • Allergic 
  • Candy Paint 
  • Circles 
  • Cooped Up 
  • Déjà vu 
  • Congratulations 
  • Paranoid 
  • Rockstar 
  • Saint-Tropez 
  • Patient 
  • Take What you want 

Post-Malone Movies: 

Not just a singer Post Malone has been a songwriter and producer. Other than that, he has appeared in movies. Here is a list of the movies he has appeared in. 

  • Wrath of Man 
  • Spenser Confidential 
  • Everybody’s Everything 
  • Evis All-star Tribute 
  • Spenser Confidential 2 

Post Malone Sunflower:

Despite having many famous songs and albums Post Malone Sunflower can be considered one of his best songs of him. This song was featured in Spider-Man into the Spider-Man Verse where which was sung by Post Malone and Swae Lee. It is a part of his third Album named Hollywood’s Bleeding. 

This came on the US Billboard Hot 100 songs chart. However, this song stands out in times when Girls Like you by Maroon starring Cardi B and Shape of You by Ed Sheeran were on the list Sherry Dyson

Although it was popular in the US, it was also a top seller in many other countries such as Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Canada, and more than twelve more countries. Not only this sunflower was also nominated for Record of the Year, Best Pop Duo/ Group Performance, and Grammy’s 62nd awards. 

Post Malone Album: 

It is true that Post Malone has gained fame all over the world. It might be astonishing to many new fans that he has released four albums along with only one mixtape. However, Post Malone has worked on several singles and he has released 42 singles. 

His albums have done a lot of business all over the world. He has sold several 13 million albums in the US whereas a total of 95 million singles are sold. His name has been added as the eighth digital artist. 

Here is the list of albums of Post Malone. 

  • Twelve Carat Toothache 
  • Stoney 
  • Beer Bongs & Bentley 
  • August 26th 
  • Hollywood’s Bleeding 
  • Pandora’s Sounds Like You. 

Post Malone Rockstar: 

Rockstar is also one of the best songs that Post Malone has released by far. It was released on September 15, 2017. He was featured with Rapper 21 Savage. However, in the start, the track had all bad as well as good reviews but this song became the favourite of most people.

 Just like Sunflower this song also became famous and ranked on top in countries like Canada, Greece, Portugal, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Sweeden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Romania, and most importantly in the US. He got his first single to number one and it was also nominated for Record of the Year as well as the 61st Grammy Award. 


What is the height and age of Post Malone? 

Post Malone owes a height of 1.84m and 6 in feet. Post Malone was born on 4th July 1995 in the Syracuse United States. He is now 27 years old. 

Does Post Malone have a Wife? 

Post Malone doesn’t have a wife however, he has a daughter with his girlfriend. He told the media on a show that his girlfriend and he are engaged and in 2021 they welcomed their baby girl. 

What is Post Malone’s Biggest Hit? 

The biggest Hit of Post Malone is Circles, Sunflower, Better Now, Congratulation, wow, Rockstar, White Iversion, Psycho, Fall Apart and one right now. Despite these songs, all of his albums and singles are a hit.


In conclusion, most people ask, Is Post Malone Gay? Among the most famous rappers of the present time. Rumours had it that he is gay but he has clarified this and his past also proves he isn’t gay. Although this rumour all started when people wrongly thought that he wanted to be a part of an LGBTQ show which he denied later. People also got clarification when they knew he has a daughter and was rumoured to date a South Korean Singer.

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