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Who Is Jose Trinidad Marin? Trinidad Marin Professional Life




The first spouse of deceased Latina singer Jenni Rivera was José Trinidad Marin, sometimes referred to as Trino Marin. When the couple’s marriage broke up in 1992, José gained national attention around the globe as he was widely accused of sexually harassing his sister-in-law and her daughters. Currently, the man is serving a 31-year jail sentence.

The biography of the departed Jenni Rivera is fascinating and disheartening at the same time. In her teenage years, she wed Trino, but she didn’t want her conditions to restrict her potential opportunities. She then moved on to endure three broken marriages, record-breaking achievements, and a heartbreaking ending.

The Birth And Early Years Of José Trinidad Marin

José Trino Marin , a sexual criminal who has been charged and convicted, was brought up in Mexico on February 15, 1964, and will age 58 in 2022. Prior to his family relocating to the United States, he spent his teens and twenties in Mexico.

Wife And Children Of José Trinidad Marin

In 1984, Trino married late Jenni rivera, then 15 years old, when he was 20 years old. When he and his wife agreed to be married, she had already gotten pregnant when they were initially acquainted in high school. Jenni resisted José’s attempts to persuade jeni rivera to give up her education and turn into a stay-at-home mom since she cherished her studies. 

Because of the numerous disagreements that ensued, there was physical violence. She then continued her education in business management at California State University and found a job in the real estate industry. He took the decision to move to Riverside County when the couple separated in 1992.

She found out that Trino had also sexually assaulted her younger sister Rosie Rivera and her two daughters five years following Trino Marin and Jenni Rivera’s separation. She had only claimed physical and emotional assault in her divorce documents. 

Three children were born to the ex-couple during their rough marriage. On June 26, 1985, while Jenni was yet a teenager, their first child, a girl called Chiquis Rivera, was born. On November 20, 1989, the pair had their second child, a daughter named Jacqui, and on September 11, 1991, their third child, a boy named Michael, was born. The children of José Trinidad Marn are all thriving in their individual fields.

Compared to Michael and Jacqui, who are actors, Chiquis is a skilled musician, the same as her late mother. The deceased Jenni Rivera went on to experience two more spouses and two more children after her separation. 

She dedicated herself to music and gained popularity all around the world. Sadly, she died unexpectedly in December 2012 as a consequence of her presence in a tragic plane crash.

The Professional Life Of José Trinidad Marin

Trino was doing odd activities to earn a living when he encountered late singer Jenni Rivera. Later, he was employed as the administrative manager of a café with American and Mexican characteristics. After sexually molesting a worker, he was dismissed from his managerial position.

What Happened To Trino Marin?

Rosa Rivera, the sister of Jenni, charged Trinidad Marín in the public spotlight of abusing her as well as his daughters Chiquis and Jacqui in 1997. Trino took the decision to depart after medical data confirmed her allegations. 

Prior to his arrest in April 2006, he had been dodging detection for nearly nine years. At the Long Beach Superior Court in 2007, José was charged and convicted of sexually abusing both his daughter and Jenni’s younger sister Rosie. He received a sentence of 31 years in prison without the opportunity of probation.

Net Worth Of José Trinidad Marn

From 600,000 to 800,000 dollars was the reported net worth of the ex-husband of Mexican singer Jenni Rivera at the moment of his imprisonment. It is unknown what his current estimated net worth is. The late Jenni Rivera, who was his ex-wife, had a combined wealth of 25 million dollars at the time of her death in December 2012, on the other side.

What Exactly Did Chiquis’ Father Do To Her?

She was sexually assaulted by her father, Trino Marin, when she was a little girl. Despite the fact that she has publically forgiven him, José has not yet explicitly requested forgiveness from her or any of his other sufferers.

What Caused Juan Lopez’s Death?

While serving time in prison for drug smuggling, Juan Lopez, a Spanish actor and musician, died suddenly in July 2009 from complications related to pneumonia. Lopez was Jenni Rivera’s second spouse. 

Jenicka (born in 1997) and Juan Angel (born in 2001) were their two kids from their 1997 marriage. In 2003, the couple filed for separation because of Lopez’s extramarital relationship. On drug smuggling accusations, Juan was detained and proven guilty in 2007.

Jose Trinidad Marin’s Parents, Siblings, And Family

Trino continues by thanking his family for being steady and attentive. On the other hand, there are barely any details on his family available on the internet. He is pretty guarded when it comes to his information.

 As a consequence, we are uninformed of the identities of his parents as well as how they promote a calling and their distinctive set of experiences Sherry Dyson.

Talking about other family and friends is also not within the realm of possibilities. He has never addressed his biological parents. Therefore he may or might not be the child of a single parent.


Jenni Rivera’s first husband was José Marin, also referred to as Trino Marn. Dolores Saavedra used the stage name Jenni Rivera, but the public, in general, knew her as Dolores Saavedra. Before their nuptials, Jenni Rivera’s (ex-husband Jose Trinidad) name was unfamiliar to the general public. 

Trino pays close attention to his genuine name. Unfortunately, those who knew him well were the victims of José Trinidad Marn, who is now officially added to the extensive list of alleged sexual assault offenders. He now gets a second opportunity at redemption because his daughter has already forgiven him. Hopefully, by the time he serves out his sentence, he will have experienced a complete change.

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