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Justin Bieber Has Turned These Pimple Patches Into the New Must-Have Accessory



Justin Bieber Has Turned These Pimple Patches Into the New Must-Have Accessory

Celeb-approved skincare can cost a pretty penny, but Justin Bieber just introduced Us to one acne treatment that won’t break the bank. The “Sorry” singer has been rocking these star-shaped pimple patches recently, even sporting the stickers to Billie Eilish’s birthday party — power move. Cementing his seal of approval, Bieber posted a selfie on Instagram Stories earlier this month with the caption: “Got a facial and I think my face is purging, lucky for these starface pimple patches.” It’s giving Olivia Rodrigo album cover meets Lisa Frank.

Now you can purchase these exact pimple patches from Amazon! Part body art and part spot treatment, these colorful stickers are officially this season’s must-have accessory. Thanks, Justin!

The Starface Party Pack Hydro-Starsto check it out on amazon is less like a traditional acne treatment and more like a pack of stickers you might receive in a goodie bag from a birthday party as a kid. Who knew getting rid of pimples could be so fun? But don’t let these multi-colored stars deceive you — they’re packed with hydrocolloid, an ingredient that reduces the appearance of acne. These star stickers absorb fluid, reduce redness and shrink spots! Plus, these pimple patches are oil-free, vegan and gentle on skin.

Dealing with acne can be a nuisance, but these Starface pimple patches make the experience much more enjoyable. As one shopper said, “It takes a bad situation, acne, and provides a way to heal it, but doesn’t make you feel like you need to hide it or pretend it isn’t there. These patches do more than just cover a zit. They also absorb any fluid discharge (eww) and reduce and calm any inflammation. I have been so impressed with how well they stick to clean, dry skin throughout the night, and they never feel stiff or uncomfortable. I totally forget I’m wearing them…until I see myself in the mirror looking like I’m ready for a party! Whoo-hoo!” Another customer gushed, “These are the cutest acne patches EVERto check it out on amazon. It makes me feel better about having acne tbh because it’s like you get a star for whatever you accomplished that day, no matter how small. I truly do love these things! They always minimize the appearance of blemishes fast. I also love that they stay stuck to your face. Even if I wear them to bed, they don’t fall off. Highly recommend!”

Shine like a star (literally) with these star-shaped pimple patches from Starfaceto check it out on amazon!



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