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Kundali Bhagya–an outstanding drama of its time



Kundali Bhagya is an Indian romantic drama created by Ekta Kapoor. It is a Hindi drama that premiered on 12 July 2017 on Zee Tv. The drama stars Shraddha Arya, Manit Joura, Ruhi Chaturvedi, Sanjay Gagnani, and Shakti Arora.

Here we will discuss Zee Tv Hindi serial Kundali Bhagya written updates.

Kundali Bhagya 7th December episode: Arjun takes the blame on himself

Anjali filed a case against Rishab and was called to court the next day. She told the whole story to the judge and had proof. Anjali said Rishab was drunk when he was with her. Rishab said he had not drunk or done any such evil thing. She blamed him to take revenge.

  • Judge’s view on the proof

The judge saw the proof and said Rishab would be punished for his actions. Arjun sided with Rishab and tried to save him from this case. Arjun assured that Anjali was lying and everything was pre-planned. She did all this to take revenge on Rishab and made him guilty.

Everyone left the court as soon as the matter was sorted out. Rishab was released without any charges, but a case was filed against Arjun and Anjali for ruining the court’s time.

  • Rishab was saved

Arjun saved Rishab, but a case against him was filed in court. He said everything in favour of Rishab because of Preeta. Preeta ditched his friend and sides with Rishab. Anjali left the house permanently. Arjun was so tense, and he was eager to get Rishab jailed. He wanted to take revenge on Preeta and Rishab.

Kundali Bhagya 8th December episode: Rishab and Arjun fight

Arjun decides to take revenge on Rishab and Preeta and will face them alone. Anjali told Arjun he could fight with anyone but not with Preeta, as he loved her alot. Arjun sides with Rishab just because of Preeta. But Preeta ditches Arjun and sides with Rishab. Rakhi wanted to sort out the matter and requested Arjun to get back.

  • Rakhi’s advice

Rakhi advises Preeta and Rishab to get back from this fight. She sided with Arjun to save him and urged them to reunite again. The entire Luthra family did not want to forgive Arjun. Preeta and Rishab decided to meet Arjun. Rakhi was happy with their decision.

Arjun constantly thinks about the fight every time. He revives the story all day and becomes depressed. Rishab and Preeta come to meet Arjun. Rakhi requested Rishab to reunite with Arjun. Mahesh thinks that Arjun is an evil person and stops her from saying in favour of him.

  • Arjun’s revenge from rishab

Arjun decided to take revenge on Rishab. He planned that he would tell everyone about their fake marriage and will marry Preeta.  Arjun told everyone about Rishab and Preeta’s fake marriage. He took a sindoor and put it on Preeta’s forehead in front of the whole family.

Kundali Bhagya 9th December episode: Arjun threatens Rishab

Arjun warned Rishab that he would be punished for his actions and that no one would save him. Simultaneously, a fight begins between both of them. Preeta was the main reason for their war.

Arjun and Rishab both love Preeta and want to marry her. She is always the leading cause of their fight. During the war, Arjun threatened to destroy him and marry Preeta.

Preeta tries to calm Rishab and assure him that she will not marry Arjun. The entire family favoured Rishab and asked Arjun to leave the house; otherwise would be thrown out.

Preeta was worried about what will happen next. Why was Arjun threatened that he would marry her in a week? All these things make her nervous and depressed.

Arjun realised that he had said harsh words to Preeta during a fight. He thought that he had done everything wrong. He told everything during a war which he kept secret for years.

Arjun started to plan how he would take revenge on Rishab now because, after this fight, he was even more conscious of saving himself. Arjun and Anjali have a successful plan to attack Rishab and harm him a lot so that he can marry Preeta.

Kundali Bhagya 12th December episode: Arjun applies sindoor to Preeta

Arjun warned Rishab that if he tried to fight with him again, he would snatch away his pride and marry Preeta within seven days. He threatened him that the coming week was not easy for him.

  • Arjun’s threatening

Arjun threatens the entire Luthra family that in the coming week, the owner of this house will be Arjun Sooryavanashi and no one else, and he will marry Preeta. Everyone was shocked when Arjun applied sindoor to Preeta. The entire family could not do anything, and Rishab started beating Arjun.

Sameer and Mahesh start beating Arjun, and accidentally Sameer hits Arjun’s head with the door. Arjun began to bleed, and they threw him out of the house of Trinidad Marin.

Anjali was anxiously waiting for Arjun to return, and she heard the doorbell. Arjun was at the door; he was bleeding, so she wiped all that blood and gave him medicines.

  • Rishab’s plan

Rishab decided to snatch everything from Arjun and throw him out of the house. Arjun made sure that Preeta has only one Sindoor of his name in her mang.

  • Preeta’s efforts

Preeta took a shower to wash the Sindoor, and Arjun took a shower to clean the blood from his injuries. But Arjun still owes to take revenge on Rishab and destroy his business.


Will Preeta be pregnant in Kundali Bhagya?

The story becomes more interesting when Preeta remembers that she missed her period this month, so she went to the hospital for the test, in which she tested positive.

Will Preeta give birth to twins?

Preeta tested positive, but still, daima came home and confirmed the news. Everyone was happy she told about some safety precautions and admitted that she would give birth to twins.

What is the full story of Kundali Bhagya?

It is a complicated Indian Hindi serial based on the love story of Karan and Preeta. They both keep on fighting daily, and Rishab starts loving Preeta and tries to develop misunderstandings.

Are Pragya and Preeta sisters?

Pragya and Preeta are two sisters in the series who make many attempts to find their mother in every way and accidentally meet the Luthra family.


This Hindi series is very complicated and has many episodes. It premiered on 12 July 2017, and still, it continues to premier drama at 9 pm on Zee tv. The story is all about love, jealousy, and other destructive factors.

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