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Alex Cooper Boyfriend Love Life, Net Worth, Alex Cooper House



Her famous podcast also reveals the answer. During their vacation, Alex and Sofia Franklyn decided to start this podcast. They decided to base the podcast on sex and relationships along with swiping gender roles among celebrities’ relationships and putting the girls on the Daddy’s place. 

Anyhow, since the podcasts discussed celebrities’ relationships, Cooper also advised subscribers on her own experiences with love. Many times people have guessed who is Alex Cooper boyfriend is based on the podcasts.

The Alexandra Cooper, also famous for her very own podcast “Call her Daddy” is a 28-year-old host and famous social media personality. Furthermore, Alex Cooper became popular among the masses as soon as she started the podcast. 

Love Life of Alex Cooper:

Alex Cooper has been dating a well-renowned film producer Matthew Kaplan. Many fans consider them both the Gen-Z power couple. Mathew has produced many famous films “All the boys I’ve loved before” which have been very popular. 

As a successful Hollywood producer, he has made his way into the industry. It is quite interesting to know that they both tried to keep their relationship private but fans somehow came to know. 

Although they haven’t exposed anything publicly Alex’s fans came to know they both talked to each other in a zoom meeting in 2020 and then he became Alex Cooper’s Boyfriend. Before Kaplan, Cooper has been in a couple of relationships. 

She has dated Ryan Eggold an NBC actor who is famous for 90210 and The Black List. Alex has also dated Noah Syndergaard from the Philadelphia Phillies. Despite all of her relationships she mentioned confirmed Noah in her podcasts. 

Alex Cooper’s Net Worth: 

New fans don’t know the net worth of Alex Cooper. Alex Cooper has a net worth of $98 Million. This is because she is running one of the most famous podcasts of all time on Spotify and she has earned almost everything through it Albert Olmstead Cobra Kai. It is known that in the past she has signed a $75,000 three-year contract along with bonuses.

In addition to being popular in the US, it is also popular around the world. She signed a $60 million deal with Spotify. Additionally, she earns money through sponsorship posts in addition to her own podcast.

Alex Cooper And Matt Kaplan Married: 

No, Cooper and Matt Kaplan are not married yet. They are in their dating phase right now but the fans are curious if these two will get married near the future or not. Cooper first addressed her boyfriend by the name ” Mr. Sexy Zoom Man” but did not reveal his identity but the fans were quick enough to figure out who she is dating. 

Alex Cooper House: 

Alex Cooper lives in a 7,300-square-foot luxurious house that is located in New Jersey. Cooper bought the house for 8 million Dollars. Cooper’s house consists of a Wine Cellar, a Game room, a Pool, and a Home Theatre and has 7 Bedrooms and 8 Bathrooms.  

Ryan Eggold And Alex Cooper: 

As he was Cooper’s ex, it was never confirmed whether the two dated or not. It was speculated that the two were dating since Alex and Paige Desorbo discussed in one of her podcasts that she was dating an actor at NBC. She went on five dates with him. But Alex Cooper never revealed that she was together with Ryan Eggold.

Alex Cooper Call Her Daddy: 

Alex Cooper is the host and producer of the podcast Call Her Daddy which is the perfect mixture of advice and comedy. The podcast is available on Spotify. In the podcast, cooper openly and hilariously discusses her sexual life and also tells different stories, and gives various important pieces of advice to women who want a healthy relationship.

Many of her podcasts have gone trending on YouTube. Cooper’s monthly income is $2 million, while the podcast salary is $450,000 per episode. 

Noah Syndergaard Alex Cooper: 

Noah and Cooper were dating back in April 2017. Currently, he is a pitcher for the Philadelphia Phillies of Major League Baseball (MLB). The couple Noah Syndergaard and Alex Cooper appeared at a bunch of convention games. 

They made their last appearance in public together at a New York Knicks basketball game where the couple announced their separation to quote the words of Noah he said, ”Baseball is my significant other.” After the couple’s breakup Cooper referred to Noah as ”Slim Shady”. 


How old is Call Her Daddy? 

In 2018, Alex Cooper and Sofia Franklyn created Call Her Daddy. This podcast was formerly owned by Barstool Sports until June 2021, now spotify has it. In the span of four years Call Her Daddy have posted 115 episodes

Why did Sofia leave Call Her Daddy? 

Sofia left Call Her Daddy because she and Alex’s friendship crumbled upon the accusations of using each other and that one person was doing more work than the other. Alex continued to work without Sofia.

Is Call Her Daddy good?

Many people have reviewed Call Her Daddy and the advice given on the show is unhealthy for the women with relationships. Cooper base her thoughts on having worth in the sexual abilities rather than the thoughts and mental strength.


In sum, the Alexandara Cooper has been a very famous host among the YouTube community. Among female hosts Alex is considered one of the wealthiest hosts who made the most outrageous deal with spotify. As her show is based on love life and relationships she hints out her love life in the podcasts which bring upon questions popping in the fan’s mind. Due to Cooper’s frequent disclosure of her relationships, her fans are constantly guessing who Alex Cooper is dating and Who is Alex Cooper boyfriend.

 Other than that she has gained almost 90% of her wealth through her record breaking podcasts. Despite having fans, many people dislike her podcast and criticise her on her opinions.

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