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Ivone Kowalczyk Married Life, Ivone net worth, Ivone Husband




The first spouse of Andy Dick, a famous personality in the American entertainment industry, was Ivone Kowalczyk. She is also not a performer or an actor. Before their marriage ended, they were able to conceive a son together. The reason which may have played a role in their divorce is unknown.

During her divorce, Ivone might have gotten lucky with money, but she hasn’t disclosed her estimated net worth yet. It can only get speculated about her earnings because she has refused to provide any details about her profession.

Married Life of Ivone:

In 1986, Ivone wed Andy Dick, her longtime love and former husband. Before getting hitched, the pair dated for several years. Ivone’s husband, Andy Dick, is a famous American personality. In 2006, Andy made his directing debut movie Danny Roane. Lucas Dick is the son of Ivana and Andy Dick, born in 1988.

Also, Two years after the birth of Lucas, Ivone and Andy’s marriage started to break down. Sadly, the marriage between the pair ended in divorce, and the 1990 public saw the completion of their divorce.

About Ivone Kowalczyk and her net worth:

Ivone, Andy Dick’s former wife, maintained a low profile. It is also unknown the place and date when she got born. In addition to her birthdate, the public has no information about her parents or academic background. It also seems that Ivone didn’t like media coverage.

The exact amount of Ivone’s divorce settlement is unknown, but it is likely significant. Additionally, she has not given any details about her employment, which stops people from further digging into her income. According to several blogs, she has a combined wealth of 1 million dollars.

About Ivone’s Husband:

Andy Dick is an American television producer previously married to Ivone. There isn’t much information regarding how Andy and Ivone met, even though they dated for a while. Andy dick is also an American comedian and producer initially named Andrew Roane Dick. As an entertainer, he has attained considerable fame.

He is also well-known for his quirky actions, drug addiction issues, and multiple charges of sexual assault. Between 1984 to 1990, Ivone and Dick got wed for four years. Andy Dick also has a long history in the entertainment business.

Allegations against Ivone’s husband:

Dick had stayed at an RV park in Orange County with a group of people who lived in their vehicles. Also, a group participant said that Dick had just abused him.

According to jail records, Dick is being held on a $25,000 bail. In connection with the claim above, Orange County Sheriff’s officers detained comedian Andy Dick on suspicion of criminal sexual assault.

Some other allegations get mentioned below;

  • Dick got investigated for the 1999 suicide of actor David Strickland. He was also accused of possessing cocaine, marijuana, and other drugs. The judge also dropped the judgment and minor control charges against him because he completed an 18-month rehab program.
  • After misbehaving with McDonald’s customers in 2004, Andy got detained for indecent exposure. It marked the start of a pattern of improper conduct that would have compelled the majority of non-celebrities to introduce themselves upon moving to a new neighborhood.
  • Andy Dick got allowed to participate in the Roast on Comedy Central with Pamela Anderson in 2005. Andy approached the Baywatch actress from the back without prior notice, squeezing her cleavage.
  • Andy Dick allegedly revealed a girl’s cleavage, When he reportedly pulled and took down a 17-year-old girl’s tank top and sports blouse in 2008. Police say they searched him and discovered one alprazolam tablet and a tiny amount of cannabis from Andy.
  • In 2018, actor Dick got charged with touching a male ride driver. According to his counsel, the matter has been set for trial after he entered a not-guilty plea.

In addition, he also gained notoriety for his pointless actions, such as arrests and drug abuse. Even rumor has it that this was the primary factor in the breakdown of his marriage.

Ivone’s Husband fight with Jon Lovitz:

Dick and Jon Lovitz, his old Radio co-star, have a long-standing rivalry regarding the passing of their mutual friend Phil Hartman. Lovitz declared that at a holiday meeting in 1997, Dick gave Hartman’s wife cocaine. On May 28, 1998, Brynn Hartman killed her husband and herself.

A physical fight between Lovitz and Andy occurred in 2007. Dick also got thrown back into a bar during this fight by Lovitz, who had caught him by the shirt Seven Sirius Benjamin. This incident took place, someplace at Laugh Factory in L.a.


What are some unknown facts about Ivone’s former husband?

At Joliet Western High School, he got crowned Homecoming King in 1984. His biological mother’s surname is Thomlinson, and Allen and Sue Dick adopted him. He also has two sons and a daughter.

What is the fact about Ivone and Andy’s divorce?

The union between Ivone and Andy Dick got spoiled, and The couple had a son named Lucas Dick in 1988 and they officially divorced in 1990. Ivone’s lack of attention may stay the reason that she is unmarried. Therefore, people are not able to disclose her present romantic situation. According to sources, Ivone has a net worth of about one million dollars after her divorce.

Does Ivone’s husband have another relationship?

Yes, he moved on with Lena; the couple had an affair that started in 1995, and Lena is currently single and out of this relationship. This couple also share a son and a daughter.


In conclusion, Ivone Kowalczyk is a divorced woman and appears to stay currently single. Ivone’s ex-husband is a famous and strange comedian and producer, Andy Dick. However, their married life could not last long, and they finally divorced in 1990. After getting divorced from her spouse Andy Dick, Ivone was given a respectable amount of money.

From their marriage, the couple shared a son born in 1998. Also, she comes from an ethnic origin of white people and has American citizenship. She is also a healthy-weight person and has blond hair and brown eyes.

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