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Oren Zarif Biography and Fact




In addition to using energy pulses and psychokinesis, Oren Zarif is a self-proclaimed super healer. Also, thousands of patients have felt the therapeutic effectiveness of his approach. Doctors, researchers, etc., are among his patients. This article discusses what Oren Zarif is.

Zarif operates by transferring energetic power to necessary regions to support healthy organ function. Also, The number of patients who sought his care has increased dramatically since he began his practice.

Daily treatment by Oren:

Zarif has provided daily treatment to dozens of patients, at Mind Power locations across the country for over 20 years. His patients also include professors, top police officers, and others.

As a result, magic gets practiced daily, affecting people’s lives in many aspects. Following the technique outlined by Joseph Murphy, writer of The Strength of the Subconscious Mind, Oren employs psychokinesis treatment.

Professors and scientists are also among his patients, and they are all in awe of his achievements. After receiving treatment, hundreds of patients also want to pose for photos with him and also share their case testimony. All media platforms in Israel and around the globe have published his treatments.

Oren Zarif treatment through photos:

Oren has cured Cancer, impairments, and more with energising photos. Many patients worldwide have also received treatment from Oren Zarif after sending a clear image and an explanation of their particular issue. The patients also got shocked to learn that they had got cured after just a few treatments. 

Oren can also reach the patient’s soul, using his connection to project monochrome energy pulses of particular frequencies absorbed by the image’s colour aura. The colours also got awakened into an energetic post-modern condition while the aura got released from the image. This method is also how Oren Zarif energy cures patients through images.

Aspects of healing by Oren Zarif:

According to Oren Zarif healer, the body starts to develop a healing process as the energy barriers open. Also, Hundreds of patients attest to this as the body regains its strength.

Oren’s treatment includes igniting energy fields inside the body by using a patient’s photo, birth date, etc. Oren also asserts that a person’s body will heal itself if any energetic blocks get lifted from it. It is a potential therapy option because the method is non-invasive and portable.

Many patients have described experiencing tremendous changes as a result of Oren’s treatment since it is so effective. Alternatively, if Oren chooses, he can send the patient’s medication to their home.

Claimed therapy by Oren Zarif:

Oren Zarif claims that his technique clears the body’s energy fields of blockages. Also, Numerous of his clients attest to the effectiveness of his therapy method. His procedures can get carried out in any place and are non-invasive. However, it is still a debatable therapy and not for everyone.

Oren employs a photo-based therapeutic technique to heal the root of many illnesses and raise patients’ quality of life. Also, many people assert that they get completely healed following two to three sessions, and Oren’s website gets adorned with pictures of satisfied clients. Other medical professionals and researchers have examined the efficacy of his therapy and approved it too.

Oren Zarif Biography:

Oren attended Herzliya to finish his studies at Letzion’s Haviv School as his elementary education. Oren also studied for about three years in the contact class for Survival lessons. He also got placed first for his weight and ranking in the regional championship Sherry Dyson.

Facts about Oren Zarif:

According to Oren, As the body’s energy blockades start to dissolve, a healing process begins, and the body regains its strength. For years, Oren has also demonstrated that the body can handle issues and initiate a self-healing process once the energy barriers get opened. Other facts about him get mentioned below;

  • Oren Zarif has assisted patients with diverse, complex issues for over many years worldwide. Also, Over the years, he gained popularity on all national and international media platforms, including Sky News, the Fox network, etc. Zarif treated innumerable patients worldwide with the special technique he created over many years and his exceptional abilities.
  • Oren used psychokinesis to cure patients for years. The therapeutic approach is also not factual; the outcomes vary from person to person, and it does not bear the spot of standard medicine. Zarif is also not a licensed physician; his therapy does not guarantee quality and lacks any medical training.
  • Since Oren works for Mind Power Ltd., all business dealings with him concern the corporation alone. If the customer fails to act, he agrees to compensate Oren for any harm and legal costs incurred on his behalf. Also, The Health Department worries that patients are going to Oren’s therapy instead of regular medical care.
  • Even though top physicians and other medical professionals go great miles to get his care and see miracles and wonders that defy all factual logic too. But the Health Ministry will often warn the public that Oren Zarif isn’t a substitute for traditional medical treatment.


Is Oren ineligible to practise?

According to the Ministry of Health’s Team on Misleading Advertising, Oren Zarif is ineligible to practice medicine or any other health profession. His advertisement’s material is not meant to get a recommendation or instruction for medical treatment, nor can it get used for handling ill people.

Is Oren Zarif Misleading the public?

Oren Zarif’s advertising is false and misleading to the public and shows exceptional features of therapy and treatment procedures without any scientific support. Also, No research shows his approach to treating individuals with illnesses and other medical ailments.


Lastly, Oren’s treatment does not substitute conventional medical care; if patients also choose to abstain from it, Oren will stop providing care. Also, Zarif had been successfully treating patients with complex conditions like Cancer for 30 years.

The reality that Oren Zarif is not a doctor, according to the Ministry of Health, makes this whole thing a scandal. Also, any patient taking medication or receiving a prescription from a doctor must maintain their therapy and adhere to their doctor’s instructions.

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