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Rose Swisher: The Ties, Age, And Everything She Stood For



Rose Swisher is famous among the fans of basketball because she was the ex-wife of the legendary hall-of-fame basketball player Bill Russell. After the demise of Russell people caught their interest in the life of his first ex-wife with whom he has three children. 

People wanted to know more about Russell’s life and how he used to lead it. He died at the age of 88 and his family told the media about his demise from this world. However, Bill Russell had four marriages in his lifetime but Swisher was the first one. 

They got married on 9 December 1956 and divorced each other in 1973. She remained in the eyes of the media and fans as long as she was his wife but as soon as they divorced, she led the rest of her life away from the cameras. 

Rose Swisher Russell:

Russell loved Rose Swisher Russell since his college times. They have two sons and a daughter together named Jacob, William, and Karen. With many other reasons to question Rose about Russell’s demise comes the main reason that was she the only wife out of his four wives whom he had children with. 

He also married her for the longest time 20 years. As mentioned above he loved her since college and when they met again, they decided to get married. They were deeply in love but then they decided to part ways. 


Who was Bill Russel:

Bill Russel served in basketball from 1956 to 1969. He played for Boston Celtics. He had been nominated as the most valuable player five times. When he served his team, his team won 11 NBA championships. 

He got fame and respect because he used to win multiple times and was considered the best winner. To date, he is considered the best basketball player of all time. 

He was the one who led the San Fransisco Dons to win a consecutive number of games from 1955 to 1956. He was also famous for his defensive behavior toward his opponents to score. 

Bill Russell’s Wives: 

As mentioned earlier Rose was his first wife but when they got divorced, he got married to the former Miss USA Dorothy Anstett. Bill always avoided his marriage from the public’s eyes after his divorce from Dorothy he needed to get married again. 

It was his third wife Marilyn Nault eventually this marriage also didn’t work well because she died due to cancer after being together from 1996-2009. She was sixteen years younger than Bill. 

Finally, in the end, he married a golfer Jeannine when he died when was still his wife. It is also reported that she was with him till his last breath. Bill kept his relationship with every wife peaceful and remarkable. 

Rose Swisher Age: 

Many fans still wonder what would happen if she was alive at the time of the demise of his ex-husband Bill Russel. She died many years ago at the age of 78 in 2014. Bill married her when he wasn’t into basketball. 

Many people still assume she is alive and ask if is Rose Swisher still alive. And they wish to ask them about Russell’s early life. After Rose Swisher’s Obituary, she was known again when Russell died. 

Karen Kenyatta: 

Although the immediate family of Bill Russel wasn’t social at all. One of the family members was a lawyer and an anchor which led his family to be known first-hand on television. She was her daughter Karen Kenyatta who was born in 1962. She is also a political analyst. 

One of the most remarkable works of his daughter was that she served as development director for Robert F Kennedy. Russell was one of the bravest players in history who courage to play along in an era where black people had a lot of struggles. He not only made himself the hall of fame player but he also made his daughter the same ATEEZ.  


How many rings did Bill Russell win as a player? 

It is quite astonishing for many basketball fans when they hear he has won 11 championship rings in the small span of 13 seasons. He won NBA in 1957, 1959, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966, 1968, 1969. 

What was Bill Russell’s salary? 

In his time as he was the best player, the lucky charm and strength of his team. He had the highest salary among all the players. Many reports say that he used to earn $100,000 every season which means yearly. 

He also served as a coach in his times thus he used to receive $25,000 as a coach. Other than that, if critics compare his salary with today’s time, then it would be approximate $600,000 yearly. Keeping in view the inflation. 

Why isn’t Bill Russell considered the greatest of all time? 

Russel was an unbeatable player of all time. He scored almost 11 rings within a very small period. With that being the case, he was one of those rare players who used to win consecutively. 

Is Jordan better than Bill Russell? 

People always compare these two players whenever it comes to basketball but as Bill Russel has now died so now people are finding the other ones. 

Jordan won 6 NBA championships however, whereas Russell had 11 NBA championships. Where Jordan had only one NCAA title Russel had two titles. Other than that Russell is a gold medalist. 


To conclude, Bill Russell is known to every single person who keeps love for sports, especially basketball. He is still renowned as one of the best basketball players of all time. People used to love him for his dedication to his team and the sports throughout his whole career. 

When Bill Russell died, people were curious about his first immediate family as they weren’t social, so they questioned them, and that’s how Rose Russell became famous in the eyes of Bill Russell fans. Now fans are saddened on the fact that she died way back then Russell himself.

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