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Press release: the perfect combination for your fashion brand



Press release: the perfect combination for your fashion brand

Fashion brand

As many ‘fashionistas‘ will know, choosing the right color palette or combination is one of the best ways to have a complete wardrobe ready for any occasion. Interestingly, this concept of the color palette is something that we can apply to our communication and public relations strategy if we talk about creating press releases dedicated to the fashion industry.

Let’s develop this idea a little more

The color palette can be interpreted as the general style of your brand made up of different elements that belong to its corporate identity. The correct combination of all of them is what builds the way of communicating that a company has with its audience. In the case of digital press releases, multiple corporate elements are involved (images, graphic supports, links, etc.) that we must know how to combine effectively. And it is that this can make the difference in terms of whether your communication is received or neglected by the different actors in the ecosystem.

According to Entrepreneur, “content comes in all different shapes, sizes, and topics,” but the “best content should be interesting, informative, and inspiring.” These two premises are what we can apply to the traditional press release that brands write, always keeping in mind that it is about telling valuable stories for the media and, secondly, adapting them to the new digital and multimedia reality that we live in.

Therefore, before sitting in front of the computer to “cast lines”, try to build the “color palette” for your press release. Establish the basic visual elements that you will need based on its content.

Choose 3 main elements for your fashion brand’s press release

You will need to choose three key elements that represent the style and essence of the content you are writing. As in any color palette, these elements will shape the basics of your “color scheme” and will define the look & feel of your press release.

We define these three factors as the following:

Header image: the image you choose as the header of your template is the first thing your contacts will see.

Title that captures attention: the title will be what makes your journalists want to know more about your brand and what you have in the press release. It generates intrigue!

Social media and contact icons: these two aspects will give your journalists the opportunity to learn more about your brand on different channels, as well as provide them with a different form of contact.

These three components should be included in each of your templates. While the initial content may change depending on the context, these elements are essential and must be maintained in your communications.

Add 4 different types of content that allow you to identify your brand from the rest and improve your palette

These different contents will add extra and distinctive value to your press releases. Using a template does not mean that you always have to use the same document for all occasions. The objective in this case is to make a different statement for each moment, taking advantage of the variety of resources but always keeping the elements that define the brand intact.

4 alternative elements that you can use depending on the content you want to distribute:

External links: including this type of links will make the information in your release more credible and will allow journalists to consult the original sources in addition to the examples included on your website or on another.

Images that support the text: these types of images can be used to reinforce the content of your press release in a much more visual way. For example, what would you do if a celebrity has been photographed wearing one of the items from your latest collection? You should include this image in your statement with the aim that the more media talk about your brand, the better.

Video: take advantage of the video of your last event or the event where you presented your latest collection to make the content much more dynamic.

Images of your product samples: include images of your products with a clear “call to action” that make them want to visit your virtual gallery from where they can download high-quality images of the garments from your collection and even make sample requests. Journalists and content creators are always looking for flawless images to include in their articles or blog posts.

Always include 2 “neutral” elements that complete your “look”.

These are the final touches that will make your color palette practical. If a journalist or a key influencer for your brand is curious and wants to find out more about your brand, you should always provide them with what they need (digitally speaking).

Keep these elements in mind when providing useful and relevant material about your firm:

Link to your Media Kit: this link will provide a PDF version of your media kit thanks to which your audience can read and find out everything about your brand.

Online press room: this will allow readers to access your press room where they can find the latest information published regarding it, organized in one place

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